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Thursday 26th March

PE: Start the day by joining Joe Wicks' PE lesson at 9am

This session will be saved on the YouTube channel for you to join in another time, if 9am is not convenient.



1. Choose one of the Flashback 4 slides to work on a range of maths skills as a warm up.

2. Complete the plotting coordinates task in your Home Learning Pack.



1. Complete the refugee comprehension challenge activity in your Home Learning Pack.

2. Look at your spellings for this week and today try and use as many of your spellings in your conversations as possible. Can you manage to use all 10 in context?


Other Activities: 

1. As it's think outside the box Thursday, I will upload a shape for you to see what you come up with, perhaps you could send your creations into Mrs. Wrigley?

2. Choose one of the practical activities from your Home Learning Pack.

3. Read to a grown up or a sibling - you might choose to call or FaceTime a loved one and share a book with them.

4. Maths Factor times tables.

5. Complete your daily diary.

6. Join me on a virtual tour of the British Museum



Think outside the box Thursday - I am not a sun

Think outside the box Thursday - I am not a sun 1