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Friday 27th March

Hello everyone!


I hope you are all well today.  The sun is still shining so make sure you make the most of it and go outside - play, have fun, relax, read a book in the sunshine, look at the flowers, watch the clouds, blow some bubbles, ride your bike, make a potion....just enjoy yourselves!


Thursday started with an early morning game of cards in the Wrigley home.  Mr Wrigley won, (of course!), and spent the rest of the day feeling very pleased with himself!  The boys and I will have our revenge!


The grown ups at school have really been enjoying keeping in touch with each other and hearing all your news too.  I've had lots of messages from the teachers saying how much they're enjoying seeing your pictures. We thought you might like to see some pictures of what our children have been doing...

Do you recognise any of the children in the pictures?  As you can see, we've been making sure that our children have spent lots of time enjoying themselves as well as keeping up with their work.  It's really important that you try to do this.


As we speak, I am sat next to the open door in the conservatory - it's a bit chillier today but the sun is still shining.  Oli is here working hard and Mr Wrigley has come to work in here with us too today. Roger is sat by the door, looking out into the garden and dashing out from time to time to chase leaves.  The radio is playing and I have a lovely, warm cup of tea in front of me!  Finn and Ben are having a break for a while as they've been working hard this morning.  I think its probably time for a biscuit soon!


We've had some great additions to Wrigley Writes - An amazing Gecko, some very sticky bread dough and an exciting science experiment.  Please keep them coming - its great to know that you're all safe, well and happy.


We have lots of plans to keep us busy at the weekend - board games, garden clearing, a movie to watch, family and friends to chat to and some craft to enjoy too.  I'll write again on Monday and let you know how Friday, Saturday and Sunday panned out for us.


Have a wonderful weekend - have fun, stay safe and help your parents if you can.  It's a busy time for them too.


With all best wishes, Mrs Wrigley heart


PS, did you join in with 'Clap for Carers' yesterday evening?   Wasn't it an amazing way to say thank you to all our wonderful, kind and brave NHS and Care Workers.   A huge "thank you" from everyone at St James and St John School to all the NHS and Care Workers in our school community.  You are amazing - thank you.