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Thursday 26th March

Thursday 26th March


Good morning everybody! Mrs McKenzie here! I hope everyone is keeping well and being good for their parents!

Mrs Dandy's riddles have had me scratching my head   I bet you've all been doing a much better job than me at working out the answers!


Don't forget to send pictures to the school office of what you've been getting up to - it's lovely to see all the things you are busy doing.


I hope you have been enjoying my Frog Blogs! The boys and I were soooo excited to find some frogspawn on a dog walk last weekend. It takes about 12 weeks for frog eggs to hatch into tadpoles and then develop into frogs so I'll give you regular updates and hopefully you might get to see them when we get back to school. For the time being, keep an eye on our YouTube channel so you can see how they are changing.


How are you getting on with your work packs? Don't forget you can use the 'Home Learning' link at the top of the page to access some extra maths resources if you are feeling super keen!


Now, you all know I love a maths puzzle so instead of a riddle I've got a McKenzie special for you... See how how you get on with this one!