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Thursday 25th June

Good Morning Everyone smiley


How are you all today?  Isn't it warm already this morning.  I'm sitting in the office at Akeley with the fan on full blast and a nice cool bottle of water.  I hope you are making time to enjoy your paddling pools and ice creams at home.


Yesterday was another busy day here and another day of Ben beating me at Uno after work.  Yesterday's score was 5-4 to him which was a big improvement on the previous day's matches where he beat me 5-1.  I think I need to get some more practice in.  What did you get up to yesterday?  Did you look at the Blue Peter badges or play Minecraft?  I think it will be a very quiet day in the Wrigley house today as everyone struggled to sleep in the heat last night. I think there will be some tired people there today and perhaps not as much work happening as there should be!


How about a quiz today....this little lot should keep you busy for a while!


Good luck and don't forget to let me know if you need the answers.  Maybe classes 6a and 6b could have a contest to see which bubble get the highest average score!


Take care, have a wonderful day and enjoy the fact the we are officially half way to Christmas!!!


With all best wishes,

Mrs Wrigley heart


  1. What’s the orange bit in the middle of the egg called? 
  2. What’s the collective name for trees that keep their leaves all year round 
  3. What football team is currently at the top of the Premier League? 
  4. What is the 10th letter of the alphabet? 
  5. Who is the nation’s PE teacher? 
  6. How many zeros are there in one thousand? 
  7. Who wrote the Harry Potter books? 
  8. Who is the Prime Minister of Britain? 
  9. What is closer to earth, the moon or the sun? 
  10. Which travels faster, light or sound? 
  11.  Who is the fastest 100m runner in the world ever? 
  12. What’s the name of Anna and Elsa’s kingdom in Frozen? 
  13. How many wives did Henry VIII have?
  14. What’s the name of the cowboy in Toy Story? 
  15. Who wrote the Gruffalo, Room on the Broom and Tiddler?
  16. What type of fish is Nemo? 
  17. What is the chemical formula for water?
  18. How many planets are in our solar system? 
  19. Who was behind the Gunpowder Plot on the Houses of Parliament in 1605 - remembered every year on Bonfire Night? 
  20. How many players are in a football team?
  21.  What’s the fastest land animal? 
  22.  What’s the biggest animal in the ocean?
  23.  What’s the only poisonous snake native to the UK?
  24.  How many lives does a cat have? 
  25. What do you call a baby kangaroo? 

  26. Do polar bears live in the arctic or the Antarctic? 

  27. What do you call a group of sheep? 

  28.  How many legs does a spider have? 

  29.  Is a koala a real bear? 

  30.  What’s the tallest animal in the world?

  31.  What kind of animal is Shere Khan in the jungle book? 

  32.  What is an alicorn? 

  33. How many horns did a triceratops have? 

  34.  What bird, with a distinctive call, heard at the start of summer in the UK, is famous for stealing other birds’ nests? 

  35.  What’s the name of the Downing Street cat? 

  36.  Nala and Simba are what kind of animal?

  37.  What type of dog is Marshall from Paw Patrol?

  38.  How many brains does an octopus have?

  39.  What’s the slowest animal in the world?

  40.  A group of which species is known as a Parliament?

  41. What is the biggest ocean in the world?

  42.  What animal is in the Welsh flag?

    43. How many continents are there in the world?

    44. What’s the tallest mountain in the world?

    45. The Grand Canyon is found in which country?

    46. Which country is famous for its canals, coliseum and making pasta?

    47. In which continent will you find the Amazon rainforest?

    48. What historic wall runs along the border between England and Scotland?

    49. What’s the name of the river that flows through London?

    50. Which country is home to the Eiffel Tower and Disneyland?

    51. Name the smallest country in the world?

    52. What colours are in the Union flag of Great Britain?

    53. What’s the capital city of Spain? 

    54. Name the only island in the world where lemurs live?

    55. What country are the Pyramids in?

    56. What country was due to host the Olympics in 2020?

    57. In what county in England is Land’s End?

    58. What’s the highest mountain in the world?

    59. Name two countries in Central America?

    60. Which country invented tea?

    61. Who sings Shotgun?

    62. John, Paul, George and Ringo were members of which band?

    63. What’s the missing word in this song line - ‘I love it when you call me --- I wish I could pretend I didn’t need ya’

    64. What was Elsa’s song called in the first Frozen film?

    65. Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson were members of which group?

    66. What are Justin Bieber fans called?

    67. Who sang Shake It Off?

    68. How many different words are there in the Baby Shark song?                                                                                                      69.What animal is in the title of the 2019 Tones and I song with the lyrics - ‘Dance for me, dance for me, dance for me, oh oh oh’? 70. What song is sung more than any other in the world?