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Thursday 23rd April

Good morning Year 3!


Mrs McKenzie here again! I hope you are all well and being good!


I realise it has been a whole month since Mrs Dandy put the first day of home school information up on the website. In some ways, it has gone so fast and in others so slowly. Well done to all of you for being so great - we're now a month closer to all seeing each other again!



I wonder how many of you were aware but yesterday was Earth Day?


They have said on the news that because, around the world, people are staying at home, the levels of pollution have dropped. It's certainly made me think about what I can do differently when this is over to help protect planet Earth.


I am going to be setting you a weekly reading task and this week's is a comprehension about Earth Day. Remember to read the text through TWICE before starting to answer the questions.


There are different levels for you to choose from:

  • If you usually work on comprehensions from Book 1 in school (the yellow one) then try doing the 'Hard' level but go for 'Harder' if you want to challenge yourself.
  • If you usually work on comprehensions from Book 2 in school (the purple one) then try doing the 'Harder' level but go for 'Hardest' if you want to challenge yourself. 


The answers are at the end of each document so you can check your work when you're done.



I know you have been working on measuring with Mrs Dandy so, because we're thinking about Earth Day, we're going to be doing some Endangered Animals Measuring Maths for our problem solving activity today! Open the link to get the Top Trump cards.... but..... before you start playing with them, I have some questions on length for you to answer first. You'll need the information on the Top Trumps cards to help you.
Some of the numbers are quite big so if you need help with the calculations then you can use a calculator. (You'll definitely need one if you try the Big Number Challenge at the end! laugh). Do make sure that, even if you've used a calculator, you write down the calculations you have used to find the solutions to the questions.

If you are free later to say hello over Zoom then I'd love to see you! The details are on the front page of our class area. It would be lovely to hear about anything new you have learnt since we last saw each other but don't worry if you don't want to speak - just give us all a smile and wave! yes


Look after yourselves and your families!

Mrs McKenzie xxx

Mrs Dandy here, just tagging on to the end of Mrs McKenzie’s bit to tell you that the answer to yesterday’s riddle is the question

Are you asleep?

Bye for now😊