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Thursday 16th July

Good Morning everyone smiley


How are you all this morning?  I hope you are well and, to our Year 6 leavers, I hope you are excited for your special day ahead.  (Needless to say, its an emotional day in the Wrigley house today...fortunately I am working at home which is a good thing as I keep crying!!)


So today will be the last post from me on Wrigley Writes for now.  It's been the most amazing opportunity for me to share these strange few months with you all! I have enjoyed hearing all about your adventures and hard wok so, so much and I know all the other school grown ups have too.  We have all be blown away by how creative, resilient, hard working, funny, talented and just brilliant you have all been.  We always suspected you were all pretty special but WOW, we've seen just how very special you all are!


We are looking forward to seeing you all back in school in September more than you could possibly believe - the school has been so quiet without all the classrooms full.  I know it will take all our willpower not to give you all massive hugs when we see you.  Perhaps we should invent a 'distant hug' for our school!!   We are looking forward to welcoming some new families into our school and I know you will all be amazing at making the new children feel at home.  To those children leaving us - we will miss you more than you realise!  Good luck in the exciting new chapter of your life, keep in touch with us here at St James and St John, believe in yourself (you are absolutely amazing!), be proud of all you have achieved and, most importantly, be yourself - you are perfect!


Thank you to all of you who have sent in pictures, videos, work and stories to Wrigley Writes and to those who have enjoyed the activities at home.  


Have the most fabulous summer........stay sparkly!


With lots of love, 

Mrs Wrigley heartheartheart