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Thursday 16th April

Good Morning Everyone smiley


I hope you are all safe and well today.  Did you have a lovely day yesterday? It was beautiful again wasn't it.  Mr Wrigley and I took Roger for a walk in the afternoon and the sky was a lovely dark blue colour without a cloud in sight. 


So, the garden wall painting project is still to begin! We decided, (Mr Wrigley decided!!!), that it was a better idea to jet wash the drive and front path instead wink! So there I was, back with the jet wash again!  I secretly quite enjoy it as I can put my headphones on and listen to some music or a story book...I wont tell Mr Wrigley that though!  He was busy doing lots of other jobs in the garden so there will definitely be no excuse for the walls not to be started today!


I can't believe it's Thursday again already.  It will be time to Clap for Carers at 8pm this evening and it made me wonder if you have made a rainbow to show your support for all the people working so hard to keep us safe yet?  If not, why not make one today?  It's going to be a beautiful day so you could make one outside in the garden.  You could draw or paint a rainbow, make one from tissue paper, tear coloured paper from pictures in magazines (please check with your parents first), or paint your hands and use handprints to make a giant scale rainbow.  If you're outside you could use chalk to make your rainbow, collect things from around the garden to make a natural rainbow or even paint pebbles to make a rainbow. (Again, please check first!).  In the kitchen you could bake a rainbow cake, decorate biscuits or fairy cakes with a rainbow pattern or the words 'Thank You', you could make some Play- Doh and sculpt a rainbow or even cut your toast into a rainbow shape!  Indoors you could create a rainbow using your different coloured toys, make a Hama Bead rainbow or even a loom band rainbow.


There must be hundreds and hundreds of ideas I've missed.  Harrison and Olivia's Mummy reminded me about the coding site Scratch, I wonder if you can make a rainbow on there? Can you think of any more?  I'd love to see how you get on.  If we gather together enough pictures we could put them all together in a special section on the website, what do you think? I found these pictures online to give us some ideas.

Enjoy your day and please send me your rainbow pictures!


Stay safe everyone.


With very best wishes


Mrs Wrigley heart