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Thursday 16th April

Thursday 16th April


Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend. It was really special seeing so many of you on Zoom on Saturday morning - all your lovely smiles really cheered my day!


We were worried that the Easter Bunny might have been isolating this year but were thrilled that we had a visit - some of his hiding places were really silly! Where were the funniest places you found eggs?


Exciting news - some of the seeds we planted have already sprouted! They are teeny tiny shoots at the moment but its always lovely to see them just beginning to break through the soil. Sadly, there is no sign of any carrots yet - I'm not giving up hope yet though! We're having to remember to water our seeds every morning and then put them to bed in the garden shed at the end of the day as its still a bit cold at night for them.


We've been walking our dog, Myrtle, in the fields and woods behind our house every day and have discovered a barn owl living in an old, falling down building along our route. We've called him Barney - can you work out why?! He has a beautiful heart-shaped face, a pure white tummy and when he flies he is completely silent despite his size.  I've been trying to film him so I can show you but I never seem to have my phone camera pointing in the right direction to catch him! I will keep trying though as he's magical to see!


Look after yourselves and your families! Mrs McK xxx