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Thursday 21st May

Hello everyone!


Isn't this sunshine amazing! I'm keeping my fingers crossed it stays like this for half term!


Nature just seems to be going crazy at the moment - there are so many wonderful things to spot when we're out in our garden or on our daily dog walks! We've been enjoying watching the swallows and skylarks over the fields behind our house this week. Their birdsong is just beautiful! At the weekend, we were cycling in the woods and came across a nest that was low enough for us to see inside - can you work out how many baby birds there are?

Picture 1
Picture 2

We also found this ENORMOUS beetle in our house. Isn't it wonderful! It's called a Cockchafer - they are also known as May Bugs. Can you work out why?


I hope you are all well. Keep being kind and good for your families!


Mrs McKenzie xxx