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Thursday 14th May

Hello again everyone!


How are you all?


Another week has whistled by in the McKenzie household. There are always so many jobs that need doing. Have any of you been given chores to do to help out during lockdown? Toby and Jasper have been put in charge of dusting and vacuuming their bedrooms and playroom. It gets very noisy on cleaning day as they like playing their music REALLY loudly while they are doing it!


It has been so much colder this week hasn't it. I'm feeling really sad because all the seedlings we had grown were killed by the frost the other night. 


This is how our vegetable patches were looking... 


And this is how the plants are looking now...            

Dead as dodos! Naughty Jack Frost!


Did any of you have a go at making a Roman shield for Mrs Dandy? Jasper got a bit carried away with his and made a whole costume.....      


Although he looked very smart, I couldn't say the same for my poor kitchen after he had finished...                                                                                           


What a mess!!! I think if he was a real Roman soldier, his Commanding Officer wouldn't have been very impressed!


Click on the links below for some tasks to have a go at today! 

I'll be back again tomorrow!

Mrs McKenzie xxx