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Thursday 11th June

Good Morning Everyone smiley


How are you all today?  I hope you enjoyed the day yesterday.  What did you get up to? Did you read up on the 'One Wild Thing for June' idea that I was telling you about?


I had another busy day with lots of 'office work' to do and a pretty long Zoom meeting in the evening too.  Ben and I did manage to pop out for an hour just before tea though to catch up with our friends.  The boys had a great time playing in the woods and made a bridge over a little stream.  Needless to say, there were a lot of muddy clothes for the washing machine yesterday evening!  It is amazing to see just how quickly we have all become used to staying a little distance away from one another.  Best of all though, its great to see that is hasn't stopped everyone having fun!


Our cress heads have grown loads this week!  Thank you for the idea William, we've really enjoyed tracking their progress each day.



Yesterday I received an email and some pictures from Ewan.  He told me about a great game he has been playing at distance with his friend.  The game is called Lockdown Lego Hunt and the idea is that you hide a Lego figure somewhere safe when you are out for a walk - maybe you could pop it on a wall, behind a bush on top of a bench or even on your friends path.  Then you message your friends with the co-ordinates or clues of how to find the figure.  Once they've found it, they hide it for you and so on.  It sounded like such a great idea that I thought you all might like to try it. 


Please stay safe though.  Don't go out without a grown up, stay on the pavement or path, don't put figures near or on a road, stay away from streams, ponds, the river etc and don't go off anywhere without a grown up with you!  


If you decide to have a try let me know how you get on!


Have a great day.


All best wishes,


Mrs Wrigley heart