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Thursday 07th May

Good Morning Everyone smiley


I hope you are all well and enjoying yet another beautiful morning.  The sun is shining in our garden, the tent is back up and Ben has moved back out there!  He and some of the other year 6 children have been busy with the V E Day resources this morning.  A paper Spitfire glider went sailing over my head while I was chatting to Mrs Pedder on the phone earlier!! 



Have you listened to the fantastic interview Stanhope recorded?  He was talking to his neighbour, Barry, and asking him about his memories of V E Day.  It's a lovely recollection of the time.  I sat back and listened with a cup of tea this morning.


I was chatting to my Dad on the phone last night and asking him what he remember of V E Day.  He is almost 80 so was around 5 when the war ended.  He lived in north London with his parents in a large house they shared with his aunties.  One family living on each of the three floors.  He said the he clearly remembers the excitement at the time,  and that his aunties went rushing out into the street and started dancing when the announcement was made.


On the day of the V E Day celebrations he says that he remembers long lines of tables being set up in two rows along the length of the street outside their home.  Everyone brought their own chairs from inside their homes and the tables were decorated with flags and bunting.  He also remembers everyone taking their own cup and cutlery to the table.  These were all marked with names written on pieces of sticking plaster so they were returned to their owner at the end of the party!  Everyone made sandwiches, treats and cakes.  He said that my Grandma, (his Mum), made cakes that were awful and looked like jacket potatoes!  He was embarrassed for other people to know that his Mum had baked them!  (I obviously inherited this inability to bake!!).


He also remembers lots of singing and dancing and that the children all dressed in fancy dress.  He went as Wee Willie Winkie - a character from an old nursery rhyme -  he borrowed a candlestick from a family who lived a couple of doors down the road!

I hope you all have a wonderful time this weekend as we celebrate the 75th Anniversary of V E Day.  Enjoy the time with your family and remember to clap extra loud for all the people who are keeping us safe this evening.


Have a great weekend and stay safe.

With very best wishes,

Mrs Wrigley heart