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Thursday 04th June

Good Morning Everyone smiley


How are you all this morning?  Did you have a lovely day yesterday?  It was much chillier wasn't it? surprise  Roger did not look very happy as he looked out the door into the drizzle!


During the half term I received a lovely message from William in Year 2.  He had written a set of instructions of how to make cress heads and sent some pictures of him making them....

1 crack a few eggs.  2 clean the eggs shells.  3 wet some cotton wool  4 put in egg shell  5 decorate the eggs  6 put on seeds  7  put on window sill.


your done!

I promised William that we would make some too so I sent Mr Wrigley off to the shop in search of cress seeds and got cracking eggs!  


We've finally got round to following William's instructions and our cress heads are now sat on the window sill in the kitchen waiting to grow.  I'll keep you updated with their progress!


Why not try making some at home too?  You could draw a picture or a pattern on the shells, add sparkly jewels or stickers, or turn your cress heads into family members, friends or even teachers!  Have fun and let your imagination go wild!


Take care and have a lovely day.

With all best wishes,

Mrs Wrigley heart