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Monday 23rd March

Well, its been a very new kind of weekend hasn't it?


We all felt a little bit odd when we finished school on Friday...Mr Wrigley, our three boys, (Oli, Finn and Ben), and I didn't quite know how to feel!  We chatted a lot about what the next few weeks would be like; what we were looking forward to and what we were a little bit worried about.  I expect it was the same in your homes too.


We've played lots of board games, the boys have been out on the bikes and scooters, we've taken our dog, (Roger), for a couple of walks along the quiet lanes in Akeley and on Sunday we celebrated Oli's 16th birthday.  I don't think it was quite how he had planned it to be but we had a great time nonetheless!


Like you, I've been busy thinking about how I will get my school work done from home and chatting to my friends on WhatsApp a lot!


See you all soon,


Mrs Wrigley heart