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Friday 5th June 2020


As our science topic is Plants I would like you to have a look around you if you go out for a walk or in your own garden and see what seasonal changes you can see happening.

How are the plants growing? What flowers starting to bloom? Are there more insects around?

Did you do your own cress seed experiment? What conditions did you try and grow your cress under? If you did plant some cress maybe you could send in a video, photos or your written conclusion to the experiment I'd love to see them.

My email is or you can send them to Mrs Wrigley in the office and she will forward them on to me.

I have just received an amazing video of Ramona's cress experiment. Thank you it's great to see your results it was brilliant well done Ramona yes. I hope you now enjoy eating your cress.

I have attached some more activities that I think are quite fun involving eggs. Have fun happy experimenting.


Mrs Kerins

Friday 22nd May 2020




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If you planted your own cress and did a comparison test or have planted anything else. I would love to see the results you can send them to me via the office email or to


This weeks science is all about life cycles.


Monday 18th May 2020




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Friday 15th May 2020

Plants and Seeds


The first stage in the life cycle of most plants is a seed. Seeds come in all shapes and sizes. Every plant has a different seed.

Every single seed has the beginnings of a new plant inside it, along with a little store of food to help it grow.

When the conditions are right, the seed soaks up water and swells, and the tiny new plant bursts out of its shell. This is called germination.


Some plants grow first from a seed, and then develop a bulb that helps them to grow back year after year. A bulb lets the plant rest underground over the winter when its cold, then grow back later in the year when conditions are right. 

Common plants that from bulbs are daffodils, tulips, snowdrops, lillies and alium.


I am going to plant some cress seeds and compare how they grow under different conditions. You could plant some cress too or any other seed for instance sunflower seeds to conduct your own experiment.

What do plants need to grow?

Seeds and bulbs need to wait for conditions to be right before seeds can germinate and bulbs can sprout new growth.

What do you think the cress seeds will need so they can sprout and grow well?

I am going to set up a comparative test with the cress seeds I plant you, may want to set up your own test or if you can't you can follow the progress of my cress seeds.

In the comparative test I will plant the cress seeds and compare how they grow under different conditions. This will help us to learn what plants need to grow well.


You will need cress seeds, four pots I am using custard pots and cotton wool.

Decorate the front of you pots, place cotton wool in them and scatter the seeds over the top of the cotton wool.


One pot will be given water and sunlight.


One pot will be given water but no sunlight. This one is in my garage.
One pot will be given sunlight but no water.
Lastly one will be given no sunlight and no water. This pot is also in my garage.

What do you think will happen to each of the pots of cress seeds?


Fill out the attached plant growth prediction sheet or you can draw each of the growing conditions and make your predictions as to how the seeds will grow.


I will check on the seeds daily and take photos of their progress to see if your predictions are correct.


Happy planting and predicting!

Wednesday 29th April 2020

Here is your first science activity on the topic of plants. You don't have to print off the observation sheets you could always just use a blank sheet of paper.Happy investigating.

Mrs Kerinssmiley


Tuesday 14th April 2020


Here are a few experiments you could try. I'd love to hear about them if you have a go. Happy experimenting!



Friday 3rd April 2020


Good morning year 2 I hope you are all well. I have attached a science lesson for you. It's all about healthy eating. I'm working on an experiment with help from Bumble bear and one of my sons about exercise and how it affects your body which will be online next week.