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NEW VIDEOS! St James & St John YouTube!

Please keep checking back daily for new videos, lots of teachers are uploading content regularly.

The videos are only available via a direct below, so please check the news page regularly for new videos:


Hello! Welcome!


Charlotte's Web: Chapter 1


Mrs Dandy's Story Challenge


Mrs McKenzie's Frog Blog!


Mrs Pedder's Room Mystery


Mrs Burgin Mops!


Charlotte's Web: Chapter 2


Mrs McKenzie's Frog Blog Episode 2


Monkey Puzzle read by Mrs Chapman


Charlotte's Web: Chapter 3


The Snow Queen read by Mrs Sheldon


Hamish the Highland Cow read by Miss Richardson


Mrs Burgin Builds!


Charlotte's Web: Chapter 4


Albert and the Lion read by Mrs Andrews


Charlotte's Web: Chapter 5


Tadpole Story read by Mrs Dandy


Mrs McKenzie's Frog Blog: Episode 3


We hope you enjoy the videos. Be gentle with us, we are teachers, not YouTubers (apart from Mrs McKenzie, she's totally a pro-YouTuber!)

Mr Davidson