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Some Questions For The Grown Ups. Poem by Lydia in Year 6

Some questions for the grown-ups…


A question for the grown-ups…

Where did they go, the thousands of wipes you used as you watched me grow?

A question for the grown-ups…

Why didn’t you think?

Where are all the chemicals that you washed down the sink?

A question for the grown-ups…

Why don t we just walk? They’ve told us Diesel’s nasty, should we listen to them talk?

Thanks to the grown ups for the fast food - it was nice,

but did you never wonder about who would pay the price?

The food was cheap, but the cost was great.

A question for the grown-ups…

What are you putting on my plate?

Thanks for the all the plastic toys wrapped in plastic with a bow

A question for the grown-ups…

Now, where is it going to go?

Lego, Lego everywhere, but what shall we build?

A long and happy future where all the animals aren’t killed?

I want to; when I’m older, look at all the different trees and then I’ll visit all the beaches and swim in all the seas, but…

A question for the grown-ups…

Why don’t we cherish these?

She sells sea shells on the sea shore, but she won’t for much longer, as there won’t be any more.

I really like the trendy clothes you’ve dressed me in, but

A question for the grown-ups, where did they all begin?

Am I wearing plastic? How is it coloured pink? How did it get here?

What do you think?

A question for the grown-ups…

Your fairy lights are sweet, and the nightlight in my bedroom and the one that lights the street.

But how is it true that you didn’t realise that the polar bears homes are melting right before our eyes?

A question for the grown-ups…

Will the earth die?

Fake News and HS2’S                                                


Greta won’t forgive you and neither will I.