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Manor Adventure Day 3: Early Evening Update

There’s good news and the not quite so good news:


Good news: It was chocolate pudding and chocolate custard tonight at dinner. So, I’m happy and the kids are happy.


The not so quite good news: The chocolate custard provided us with a seamless transition from this afternoon’s very, VERY muddy obstacle course! Everyone got absolutely covered in a very slimy layer of mud. We have spent quite some time in the drying room hanging stuff out to dry/bake – hopefully, so it can be worn again tomorrow!


Despite (or because of) all the mud, the kids had a great time. We also did canoeing and kayaking this morning which was a big hit and nobody went in the water which was fabulous!


Tonight, we have a mixture of high-ropes and fencing. Fortunately, not at the same time.


If any parents can identify the children in the photo below, you may win a prize (terms and conditions apply). 


More updates tomorrow.


Mr Davidson