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Everdon update from Miss Wellington - Tuesday night

Another busy day at Everdon!  The children decided to start the day at a rather early 5am - a little bit excited I think!  We started our day with a walk through the woods, learning about types of trees and squirrel 'dining tables' on the way.   Children were tasked with creating a shelter out of natural resources which would keep them all dry.  They decided to split themselves boys vs girls and both teams created very impressive structures, so much so that they all ate their lunches inside them!

After that, the children had to use their navigational skills to find their way back to the centre.  This was a very beautiful walk through the countryside.  Before dinner, the children learnt how to make fires safely and were able to toast and eat marshmallows!  Looking forward to pond dipping and predator prey games tomorrow!

Miss Wellington and Miss Lambert