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Birth and death of William Shakespeare

Today, the 23rd April and also St George's Day, is  traditionally held as the date of the birth and death of playwright William Shakespeare. He wrote many well-known plays which have stood the test of time, carrying important messages which are just as relevant to us today, as they were in Shakespeare's time. Themes of love, revenge, tragedy, friendship and comedy can reach out through the centuries, fire our imaginations and ignite our emotions .


Also, did you know that lots of phrases we use today come from the plays of Shakespeare? 'Elbow room' (King John), 'heart of gold' (Henry V), 'tower of strength' (Richard III) and 'Wild-goose chase' (Romeo and Juliet) - just a handful of the many well-known English phrases that we've learnt from Shakespeare and use in our day to day lives more than 400 years later. Isn't that amazing?


If you want to know more about Shakespeare, his plays and his life, follow this link for lots more fun facts.