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A message for Akeley children from Mrs Andrews

Hello everyone!


It's Mrs Andrews here!   I'm hoping you are making the most of your days so far and keeping busy...

Last evening I got Albert and Mr Andrews doing some yoga!   Remember how on a Friday afternoon we have tried some poses and enjoyed our mindfulness sessions?   Well here is a link to a full session, which I just know you will love.  


Remember Miss Richardson and I will still have eyes everywhere to see who is listening really well and holding those poses the longest!


Mummies and Daddies - you will enjoy this too I'm sure.  We did it in front of the TV, via Youtube, just type in 'Cosmic Kids' into the search function.   The website address will lead you to the same: .   There are themed sessions from Camping to Frozen - something for everyone!


Adults, enjoy finding muscles you had forgotten existed and watching in awe as your little ones get their feet up around their ears!!


Bye for now, Mrs Andrews xx.