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Wednesday 20th May


Hi everyone,


Gosh it seems a long time ago that I sat down to write to you all and so much has changed. You may have seen on the news that the Government want us to start to reopen our school. We are really excited about this because we all miss you so very much - but remember the most important thing I have to do when you are here is to keep you and the grown ups safe. I have been working hard with the teachers and governors of our school to come up with a plan.


I have really enjoyed looking at all your lovely pictures and videos that you have been sending into school and I want to say a huge



 they really do cheer us all up. I can also see that you have all enjoyed doing them. I have been having zoom meetings with your parents about you coming back to school and they have also been telling me about the wonderful things that you have been doing. I hope you all have a fantastic half term. Take care and stay safe.


Love and hugs,

Mrs Pedder

Thursday 7th May


Hi everyone,


I have just been looking at all the amazing things that you have been up to over the last couple of days. Mrs Wrigley has obviously been very busy writing to you. I am glad I don't live near Arthur and Stanley with the volcanic eruptions going on in their back garden and Stanhope what a lovely interview you did . Sophia looks beautiful in her May Queen outfit and Elizabeth your hair has changed colour if I am not mistaken surprise


Today is Mrs Thomas' birthday so the children in school have been singing happy birthday to her - I hope she has a lovely day.


Well what things have you got planned for VE day? Mr Pedder will be busy today putting up our Union Jack bunting - I am making 65 boxes of VE day cakes for the NHS charity so far I have raised over £600. Remember to look at the VE day activities on the school website for lots of ideas.


Look out for the Red Arrows and the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight as they perform their flypast over Buckingham Palace and at 11am stop what you are doing and take part in a two minutes silence to remember all the brave men and women who gave so much for us. I know many streets are holding 'social distance' picnics on their front lawns, remember to keep safe if your family are having a picnic. It will be a wonderful celebration, and I can't wait to see all your lovely pictures on Monday.


Take care, have a lovely weekend.

Love and hugs

Mrs Pedder


Picture 1
Picture 2

Wednesday 6th May


Hi everyone,


Hope you are all well and trying out some of the lovey VE day activities. Mr Pedder has been very busy making bunting for the outside of our house ready for Friday's celebrations. He has even got a special collar for Beau heart. I hope the weather stays sunny, even if we are not altogether at least we will all be celebrating this very special event and we can share our experiences next week.


Mrs Burgin has finished painting the entrance hall and is now in the cloakroom - it looks fantastic, I can't wait for you all to see it. I have learnt this week how to use zoom - when I heard about it I thought it was something to do with Foundation Stages Space topic blushblush. I am going to ask Harrison's dad if he can help me sort something out to maybe see you all soon.


Well keep busy getting those decorations ready for Friday and don't forget to keep sending us your lovely pictures.


Love and big hugs,

Mrs Pedder

Picture 1

Monday 4th May


Wow! Wow! Wow!


You have all been very busy this weekend, cooking, sewing, painting, designing and getting ready for VE day on Friday. I have been busy this weekend as well making lots of bunting to put up on Friday. Have you seen the website, Mrs Clarke has put up lots of lovely ideas for you to do. Remember to send us your pictures - that way we can see all the amazing things you have been doing.



I have had lots of emails from your parents telling me how brilliant you are all being. I think when I clap for the NHS on Thursday evening, I will give an extra loud clap for all the children from our school who are being so amazing whole we are apart.


Keep up the good work, remember to look on the school YouTube channel, I think you will find lots of new videos.


Take care

Love and hugs,

Mrs Pedder

Thursday 30th April


Hi everyone,


How are you all today? I can't make up my mind if it is going to be sunny or rain - still looking at your lovely work has cheered me up. Foundation have been making some lovely things linked to their space theme and lots of you have bee busy baking. Ellsie, I think your painting is fantastic I think I will print off a copy and put it up in school.


Well I had a lovely letter this morning from the House of Commons. I have put a picture of it below. It is from our Member of Parliament Mr Greg Smith what a lovely surprise. It is a thank you letter, he says thank you to all the teachers, he wanted me to pass on his best wishes and thanks to all of you as well and to tell you that you are all doing an amazing job and he also wanted to say a huge thank you to all of your parents - they are doing a tremendous job. (But we knew that already). I have written back to him telling him to have a look on our school website just to see what an amazing school we are.


Mrs Wrigley and I have had a busy two days meeting all the new children who will be joining us in September - don't worry we have been doing it virtually so staying very safe. They are so excited and can't wait to meet you all.


Anyway keep sending us your lovely pictures of things you are doing, we all miss you very much.


Stay safe,

Love and hugs ,

Mrs Pedder

Letter from Greg Smith MP

Letter from Greg Smith MP 1

Wednesday 29th April


Hi everyone,


How exciting, we now have our own school Facebook page - make sure you check it out. Hopefully you have all seen the video from the teachers, if not it is worth a look on the YouTube channel.


I am sure things are a little less fun at the moment because the weather has changed, don't let that stop you doing your daily exercise and getting out in your gardens having fun - that's really important.


I arrived at school on Monday to find a lovely surprise, Nathan and Adam had made us some lovely soap, it smelt so delicious. The teachers have taken a bar and made a contribution, so we are going to give the money to a charity. Thank you both it was a lovey surprise. 


Mrs Burgin has now started painting the entrance hall at the Chackmore site it looks fantastic - we just need some of your lovely work to display on the boards, please keep sending your pictures we really love seeing what you are all up to.


Take care,

Love and huge hugs to you all,

Mrs Pedder

Thank you Nathan and Adam

Thank you Nathan and Adam 1
Thank you Nathan and Adam 2

Monday 27th April


Hi everyone,


I hope you all had  a lovely weekend - I know the teachers did, they have been working hard on a little surprise for you all so keep watching the YouTube channel over the next couple of days.


You have all also, been very busy, we have some amazing inventors in our school, dog trainers creative people it is lovely to see all the wonderful things you have been doing.


I had a busy weekend, Mr Pedder and I took Beau for a walk, he tricked me and said it would only be a 'couple of miles' - five miles later !!!!! On the way I took some pictures, look carefully in the background and see if you can work out where I am. I have also been busy designing cakes to sell for the VE celebrations next week to raise money for the NHS charity.


Anyway I have got to sort out some of the new books that have arrived for the library, which is looking amazing, I can't stop Mrs Burgin from painting, she has also painted the corridor outside of year 6 and seems to working her way round the school.


Stay safe and be kind,


Love and hugs to you all,


Mrs Pedder

My 5 mile walk !!!

My 5 mile walk !!! 1
My 5 mile walk !!! 2
My 5 mile walk !!! 3
My 5 mile walk !!! 4
My 5 mile walk !!! 5

VE day cupcakes red, white and blue

VE day cupcakes red, white and blue 1
VE day cupcakes red, white and blue 2

Tuesday 21st April


Hi everyone,


I hope you all had a lovely Easter and ate lots and lots of  Easter Eggs - I did ! Welcome back to school, I know we are not in school but we are back together in a different way - everyone is working hard and doing lots of lovely things. I think the website looks amazing - what creative rainbows you have all been busy making. It's no wonder everyone wants to come to our lovely school.


Normally after the Easter holidays in our assembly, we think about our behaviour, look ahead to things that we hope to achieve in the summer term and celebrate the amazing things that we have already achieved. Well this is no different, I know that you have all been doing exactly what you have been asked to do and that is to stay safe, be kind and do the every best that you can. I certainly know that you all have lots to celebrate because you have been sharing them with us all and your friends through the website.


I know things are very different at the moment, but I am sure everyone is getting used to it and finding ways to keep in touch with their friends and other family members. My family have a virtual quiz every Saturday evening Mr Pedder and I came third this week, we were really pleased - some of the questions were really hard but we learnt a lot.


I took Beau for a long walk this morning through the woods, it was a lovely way to start the day, the sun was shining and the bluebells were out.


Well I had better go and do some 'boring headteacher work' now but can't wait to see the lovely things you get up to this week.


Love and big hugs,

Mrs Pedder



Bluebells 1

Thursday 2nd April.


Hi everyone,


I was feeling a bit sad today and then I looked at all your lovely pictures that you have been sending us. Wow - they are amazing you have been doing some super things at home. Sam the pizza looks delicious, Celeste you reminded me to make some Easter biscuits, maybe I could try Mrs Wrigley's recipe and Olivia I love your picture, maybe you could draw one for the new Nightingale Hospital - well done all of you. Addy  just how long did it take for the wotsit to dissolve and Edward how far did you run? Nic it looks like you and mummy had lots of fun on your treasure hunt. Let's wait and see what Gabe thinks of his new book ,Stanley well done for completing the Year 4 challenge and Molly, Evan, Zac and Sophia goodness me it looks like you are working hard. Keep sending us your pictures please.yesyes


Here's a little puzzle for you to solve:


 A man pushes his car, he stops in front of a hotel and at this very moment he goes bankrupt. Why? It took me all of yesterday to try and guess it even then I needed a big clue from Kieran. William took 30 seconds this morning to guess it - slightly embracing for the grown upslaughlaughwink


Well how long did it take you to guess the answer?


Keep watching the school YouTube channel there are some great videos on thee way.


Take care and stay safe.


Mrs Pedderheart


Wednesday 1st April


Happy April Fools Day everyone,


Kieran from Sport4All got me this morning !! Well I haven't got any pictures to share today it's been very busy, the computers went down for the morning so Mrs Burgin and I were not able to do any boring work, so we had lots of fun with the children instead.


I am sure many of you have seen the news and the new NHS Nightingale Hospital in London is due to open very soon. They are asking for pictures from children to decorate it's new wards with bright and beautiful drawings. The pictures need to be on A4 paper so that they can be laminated. If you want to draw or paint a picture, then send it to :


Rainbows for Nightingale,

59, Sutherland Grove.


SW18 5QP


I am sure your pictures will really cheer people up.


Take care,

Love and hugs to you all,


Mrs Pedder

Tuesday 31st March


Hi everyonewink


Wow! I forgot just how hard Year 6 Maths issurprise I have been helping the children who are in school today I really needed to brush the cobwebs away. The internet is very slow today, I think its because you must all be working hard doing your home learning and staying in touch with each other.


Mrs Wrigley has been busy asking all the teachers for pictures of their pets, I am not sure what she is up to, so check Wrigley Writes later on find out.


I have put some pictures of new  books  below that I ordered for the library Harry (Year 6) I think The Highland Falcon Thief has your name all over it yes :


" Harrison Beck and his Uncle Nat are enjoying the final journey of the Highland Falcon, Britain's most famous steam train. But when a precious jewel goes missing, Harrison and his new friend Lenny find themselves at the centre of the investigation. Can they solve the mystery and catch the culprit before they reach the end of the line?"


 Keep sending your pictures in of the lovely things that you are all doing.


Take care love and hugs,


Mrs Pedder



New library books

New library books 1
New library books 2
New library books 3
New library books 4

Monday 30th March.


Hi everyone smiley


I hope you have all had a lovely weekend - good news Mr Pedder and I didn't come last in our family on line quiz on Saturday yes

I wasn't in school on Friday, but when I came in today - my goodness Mrs Burgin had been really busy on Friday - all the library units have been put up. The library looks great I think Mrs Burgin deserves a Headteacher's award.


I hope you are all staying safe, remembering to wash your hands carefully and not meeting up with your friends in the park, although it must be hard as the weather is so lovely.


I am really missing seeing my lovely grandchildren but we are managing to face time and they are sending me lots of their paintings in the post. Maybe you could send a picture to someone that you have not been able to see for a while, it really cheered me up when I received it in the post. Mr Pedder and I are planning to have a 'Scrabble Competition' tonight that will be interesting!!


Keep checking the school YouTube channel. I think Mrs Sheldon is going to be posting some Spanish.


Well take care. Love and Hugs,

Mrs Pedder


Library update

Library update 1
Library update 2
Library update 3
Library update 4

Friday 27th March


Good afternoon everyone,


I am sorry but I am a little late in posting today that's because I have been working from home doing boring Headteachers

reports for the , while Mrs Dandy, Mrs Andrews, Mrs Burgin, Kieran and Charlie were looking after the children in school today.


I wonder how many of you were able to stand at your front door and clap last night for all the nurses, doctors and carers - I did and I was very proud to be a part of it. I think I could hear Mrs McKenzie banging on her saucepan in her village and certainly heard the teachers and grown ups from the Akeley village.


I am really enjoying seeing all your lovely pictures that you are sending into school - maybe next week we can persuade some of the teachers to put their pictures on as well.


This afternoon I had a go at making macarons - they do not look anything like the ones in the recipe so I think I have to go away and practice- Mr Pedder said they tasted nice but I think he was just being kind!! winkwink


Well I can't believe that it is Friday already, the time will soon pass and we will all be back together again. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend with your families. Remember to stay safe and keeping sending us those lovely pictures.,


Love and hugs

Mrs Peddersmiley


First attempt at macarons

First attempt at macarons 1
First attempt at macarons 2

Thursday 26th March


Hi everyone,


Today I am in school with Mrs Clarke, Kieran and Charlie from Sport4All.We are all feeling a little tired today so, I think we will need to try Jo Wick's PE lesson to wake us up!! Some of the teachers are sending pictures to our group chat with their attempts at his PE lessons (don't tell them that I shared that information with you they are VERY funny).


Thank your for all your lovely pictures of yesterday's challenge - its not too late to send your pictures into school. This morning when I went for my walk with Beau, I took up Mrs Clarke's challenge and looked for signs of spring. I heard a woodpecker in the woods and lots of lovely song birds singing. I also saw some lovely primroses and noticed that some of the trees had blossom on them. Make sure that spring does not pass you by without noticing, whilst things are all so different, take time to walk around your garden looking carefully for things that are changing.


We love chocolate in our house - and my children asked me to make a chocolate cake - bit daft really because they can't eat it we all live in different houses but I made one anyone and sent them pictures. I am sure Mr Pedder will help me eat it.


Don't forget to send in your requests for stories you want read on YouTube, and your lovely pictures we really enjoy hearing from you all.


Remember tonight to join in with everyone  across the country at 8pm to say a huge thank you to all the NHS staff, by standing in your garden, safely in your front door, or through an open window for a big applause to show our appreciation for the hard work they are doing at this difficult time.


Take care and stay safe,

Love and hugs,

Mrs Pedder




Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring 1
Signs of Spring 2
Signs of Spring 3

We love chooclate cake

We love chooclate cake 1

Wednesday 25th March


Hi everyone,


I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine. I would be interested to see pictures from you doing Jo Wick's PE lessons. Today I have Mr Davidson in school with me and Kieran and Charlie from Sport4All. The children who are in school are working hard on their packs as well as doing other interesting things around school. Yesterday they did an obstacle course challenge through the school and out onto the playground.


Mrs Burgin and I have been busy (between teaching the children) painting the library and putting together the new shelving - Mrs Burgin is an absolute wizz at this.


I hope you are enjoying the YouTube videos that the teacher's are putting on - I know Mr Davidson is going to read the next chapter of Charlotte's Web from school so watch out for that later. Akeley children, if you have any requests for stories that you would like read for the channel then please send us an email and I will see what we can do.


As it is such lovely day and many of you will be in your gardens, there is a famous artist who makes pictures from 'natural' objects that he finds in the environment he is in - here is a little challenge create a piece of art in the garden using natural resources, take a picture and email it to the office so that we can create a display on the website.(For you parents, that will tick an Art, Science ,ICT  and PSHE lesson for today smileysmileywink.


Macaron situation - I have found a recipe so watch this space.


Take care love and hugs to you all,

Mrs Pedder

New Library

New Library 1
New Library 2
New Library 3
New Library 4


Macarons 1 By the way I have NOT made these yet.

Tuesday 24th March


Good morning everyone thank goodness the sun is shining. Today I have Mrs Smith and Mrs Burgin in school with me to help keep the children who are in school safe and busy!!


I had a very early start to the day and at 6am took my dog Beau with me when I went for my daily walk, she is a black flat coat retriever and likes to swim in the river!!!!


I hope you are have all managing to access the school youtube and enjoying the videos that the teachers are uploading , we are enjoying reading your comments. Between doing our job today we will be trying to paint the library - that is going to be interesting and I think very messy.


We are all having to adapt to learning in a different way but I know how brilliant you all are and look forward to hearing about what you are up to. Remember to send us emails into the office telling us about your adventures, some of you I know will be very creative about what you are doing.


On the macarons front I have found a recipe and will be attempting them over the next few days.  


Stay safe


Love and hugs Mrs Pedder


Beau 1
Beau 2
Beau 3

Good morning everyone. I hope you have had a lovely weekend and are staying safe. I had a lovely weekend and am learning very quickly how to use social media to keep in touch with my family. On Saturday we had a virtual quiz, Mr Pedder and I came last very embarrassing!!!!!


Yesterday  I made cupcakes for Mother's Day and a millionaire shortbread cheesecake - it has all gone so I guess people liked it. (I will post some pictures later). I haven't yet started the macaron challenge but have found some recipes.


The teachers have been very busy over the weekend making videos for our school youtube channel which you will all be sent details of later. Look out for Mr Davidson reading a chapter each day of Charlotte's web, Mrs Dandy's writing challenge and Mrs McKenzie's Frog Blog.


Remember to be kind to each other and help your parents out around the house because lots of them are also trying to work.


Love and hugs Mrs Pedder



As promised

As  promised  1
As  promised  2
As  promised  3
As  promised  4