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Friday 27th March


Good afternoon everyone,


I am sorry but I am a little late in posting today that's because I have been working from home doing boring Headteachers

reports for the , while Mrs Dandy, Mrs Andrews, Mrs Burgin, Kieran and Charlie were looking after the children in school today.


I wonder how many of you were able to stand at your front door and clap last night for all the nurses, doctors and carers - I did and I was very proud to be a part of it. I think I could hear Mrs McKenzie banging on her saucepan in her village and certainly heard the teachers and grown ups from the Akeley village.


I am really enjoying seeing all your lovely pictures that you are sending into school - maybe next week we can persuade some of the teachers to put their pictures on as well.


This afternoon I had a go at making macarons - they do not look anything like the ones in the recipe so I think I have to go away and practice- Mr Pedder said they tasted nice but I think he was just being kind!! winkwink


Well I can't believe that it is Friday already, the time will soon pass and we will all be back together again. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend with your families. Remember to stay safe and keeping sending us those lovely pictures.,


Love and hugs

Mrs Peddersmiley


First attempt at macarons

First attempt at macarons 1
First attempt at macarons 2

Thursday 26th March


Hi everyone,


Today I am in school with Mrs Clarke, Kieran and Charlie from Sport4All.We are all feeling a little tired today so, I think we will need to try Jo Wick's PE lesson to wake us up!! Some of the teachers are sending pictures to our group chat with their attempts at his PE lessons (don't tell them that I shared that information with you they are VERY funny).


Thank your for all your lovely pictures of yesterday's challenge - its not too late to send your pictures into school. This morning when I went for my walk with Beau, I took up Mrs Clarke's challenge and looked for signs of spring. I heard a woodpecker in the woods and lots of lovely song birds singing. I also saw some lovely primroses and noticed that some of the trees had blossom on them. Make sure that spring does not pass you by without noticing, whilst things are all so different, take time to walk around your garden looking carefully for things that are changing.


We love chocolate in our house - and my children asked me to make a chocolate cake - bit daft really because they can't eat it we all live in different houses but I made one anyone and sent them pictures. I am sure Mr Pedder will help me eat it.


Don't forget to send in your requests for stories you want read on YouTube, and your lovely pictures we really enjoy hearing from you all.


Remember tonight to join in with everyone  across the country at 8pm to say a huge thank you to all the NHS staff, by standing in your garden, safely in your front door, or through an open window for a big applause to show our appreciation for the hard work they are doing at this difficult time.


Take care and stay safe,

Love and hugs,

Mrs Pedder




Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring 1
Signs of Spring 2
Signs of Spring 3

We love chooclate cake

We love chooclate cake 1

Wednesday 25th March


Hi everyone,


I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine. I would be interested to see pictures from you doing Jo Wick's PE lessons. Today I have Mr Davidson in school with me and Kieran and Charlie from Sport4All. The children who are in school are working hard on their packs as well as doing other interesting things around school. Yesterday they did an obstacle course challenge through the school and out onto the playground.


Mrs Burgin and I have been busy (between teaching the children) painting the library and putting together the new shelving - Mrs Burgin is an absolute wizz at this.


I hope you are enjoying the YouTube videos that the teacher's are putting on - I know Mr Davidson is going to read the next chapter of Charlotte's Web from school so watch out for that later. Akeley children, if you have any requests for stories that you would like read for the channel then please send us an email and I will see what we can do.


As it is such lovely day and many of you will be in your gardens, there is a famous artist who makes pictures from 'natural' objects that he finds in the environment he is in - here is a little challenge create a piece of art in the garden using natural resources, take a picture and email it to the office so that we can create a display on the website.(For you parents, that will tick an Art, Science ,ICT  and PSHE lesson for today smileysmileywink.


Macaron situation - I have found a recipe so watch this space.


Take care love and hugs to you all,

Mrs Pedder

New Library

New Library 1
New Library 2
New Library 3
New Library 4


Macarons 1 By the way I have NOT made these yet.

Tuesday 24th March


Good morning everyone thank goodness the sun is shining. Today I have Mrs Smith and Mrs Burgin in school with me to help keep the children who are in school safe and busy!!


I had a very early start to the day and at 6am took my dog Beau with me when I went for my daily walk, she is a black flat coat retriever and likes to swim in the river!!!!


I hope you are have all managing to access the school youtube and enjoying the videos that the teachers are uploading , we are enjoying reading your comments. Between doing our job today we will be trying to paint the library - that is going to be interesting and I think very messy.


We are all having to adapt to learning in a different way but I know how brilliant you all are and look forward to hearing about what you are up to. Remember to send us emails into the office telling us about your adventures, some of you I know will be very creative about what you are doing.


On the macarons front I have found a recipe and will be attempting them over the next few days.  


Stay safe


Love and hugs Mrs Pedder


Beau 1
Beau 2
Beau 3

Good morning everyone. I hope you have had a lovely weekend and are staying safe. I had a lovely weekend and am learning very quickly how to use social media to keep in touch with my family. On Saturday we had a virtual quiz, Mr Pedder and I came last very embarrassing!!!!!


Yesterday  I made cupcakes for Mother's Day and a millionaire shortbread cheesecake - it has all gone so I guess people liked it. (I will post some pictures later). I haven't yet started the macaron challenge but have found some recipes.


The teachers have been very busy over the weekend making videos for our school youtube channel which you will all be sent details of later. Look out for Mr Davidson reading a chapter each day of Charlotte's web, Mrs Dandy's writing challenge and Mrs McKenzie's Frog Blog.


Remember to be kind to each other and help your parents out around the house because lots of them are also trying to work.


Love and hugs Mrs Pedder



As promised

As  promised  1
As  promised  2
As  promised  3
As  promised  4