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Mrs Harper's Daily Diary

Friday 19th June

Good morning Year Six!

Happy Friday all! We're all here today "working from home", so hello to all of you who have been in school this week. You can find your work for today under the school tab - English is an old favourite activity of yours so I hope that you enjoy it!

It's the final day for the TTRockstars battle between Year Four and Year Five, so I'll let you know Monday morning who you are battling against next week!

Well done to all of you for your hard work this week.

I hope that you all have a great day and weekend and I'll speak to you all on Monday.

Mrs Harper

Thursday 18th June

Good morning Year Six!

Happy Thursday...last year you used to love think outside the box Thursday, so why not have a go at creating your own? I know that lots of you have got siblings so why not create one and give it to them, or see what Mum or Dad can come up with! You always had such fantastic imaginations and I loved seeing your creations.

I wonder if anyone watched any of the football matches yesterday. It was a bit strange without the crowd (but safe obviously), however Mr Harper somehow managed to add crowd noise to the game - isn't technology fantastic! (Yes I know I sound old now!).

I'm hoping that we don't have another thunderstorm today, not for my sake because I love a good storm, but my poor dog Elly is so scared of the thunder!

Have a good day all and I'll speak to you again tomorrow.

Mrs Harper

Wednesday 17th June

Good morning Year Six!

I hope that you're all doing well. I can't believe that it's midweek already! Some of you might be finding that the weeks aren't going as quickly, but you are all doing a fantastic job, trying your best and most importantly staying safe! There are only four weeks left after this week so you can then have a break from all the schoolwork!

It seems crazy that it's been almost a year since I taught you your last lessons as Year Fives! crying

I've set a TTRockstars battle this week between Year Five and Year Four, so I thought it might be fun if you take on the winners of the battle next week...Year Five are currently taking the lead but the battle doesn't end until Friday so there is still everything to play for!

Have a wicked Wednesday all and I'll speak to you again tomorrow.

Mrs Harper

Tuesday 16th June

Good morning Year Six!

I hope that you all had a good day yesterday!

It was such a lovely day that I spent the day working in my garden - making the most of the sunshine!

You may have noticed that I've added an extra challenges tab under the home learning tab for you. Underneath it you will find some Maths challenges for you if you fancy doing a little bit extra. There are investigations and mastery activities for you to have a go at.

I hope that you all have a good day and I'll speak to you again tomorrow.

Mrs Harper