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Mrs Harper's Daily Diary

Friday 17th July

Good morning Year Six!

Well, this is an emotional message for me to write to you all! I can't believe that we have reached the end of the school term and also the end of your journey at St James and St John. What an end to your journey it has been!!

I hope that you had a brilliant time yesterday - I wish that I could have been there with you all! Although, you may have seen a few tears running down my cheeks! I'm so proud of all of you and everything you have achieved - make sure you look back and take time to appreciate everything you've done, no matter how small you think it may be.

Make sure that you thank those who have become your teachers at home too! They've done a great job of standing in for us all!

I'm sure that you'll all take on your new challenges at Secondary school with enthusiasm, but remember that it is OK to feel a bit nervous and apprehensive. I've got a very big challenge coming my way too, looking after my first tiny person of my own, so we can get through the challenges together can't we?! I'll be thinking of you all on your first day and remembering what my first day was like! I've still got the photo of me in my oversized uniform with my best friend, before we left for our first day! I would put it up here to show you, but it's far too embarrassing for the whole world to see! cheeky

I'm sure that I'll see you out and about somewhere around Buckingham when things return a bit more to "normal" and so please give me a wave if you see me!

Take care and thank you all for being such a special part of my memories!

Mrs Harper

Thursday 16th July

Good morning Year Six!

Happy Thursday - where on Earth is the week going to?! Yesterday just seemed to whizz by!

I wonder if any of you saw that it was flying ant day on Sunday? On one day each year, usually during a hot an humid spell, the flying ants leave the nest in order to go and start their own colony. This year, there were swarms of millions of ants across the country, so much so that they showed up on the weather radar as rain - mistaking the swarms for water droplets! This fact amazed me, as although I knew about flying ant day, I had never heard of them showing up as rain before on the weather reports!!

I hope that you all have a great day and a fab time at the end of year party if you are attending - I'm really really sad that I'm missing out on it and won't get to see you all! But I will miss you all lots and hopefully I may see you out and about around Buckingham, when things finally get back to "normal"! You'll all be brilliant at Secondary school just remember that!!

Speak to you tomorrow...the last day of St James and St John!

Mrs Harper

Wednesday 15th July

Good morning Year Six!

What's happened to the sunshine?! I thought it was going to be lovely all week! Never mind, there's still lots of fun things you can do indoors.

I went on a lovely walk yesterday thank goodness as it doesn't look like it will be so nice to go today! I wonder if any of you have been discovering any routes or footpaths that you didn't know were there before? I must get a bit more adventurous as Mrs Jolley tells me there are lots of lovely footpaths around the villages nearby.

I hope that you all have a wicked Wednesday and I will speak to you tomorrow - the penultimate day of St James and St John!

Mrs Harper

Tuesday 14th July

Good morning Year Six!

I hope that you all had a good day yesterday and managed to have a go at some of the fun activities we planned for you this week! Ben made a lovely lemonade (see the picture below), and I have to say that I was quite jealous not to have sampled a looked so refreshing, don't you think?

I had a lovely doorstep visit from Mrs James and Mrs Smith and it was so lovely to see them both smiley. It did start to rain though and so they got a bit soggy! Luckily I had an umbrella in the porch to shelter them a bit. 

I hope that you all have a terrific Tuesday and I'll speak to you all again tomorrow.

Mrs Harper

Monday 13th July

Good morning Year Six! we are into the final week that anyone will call you Year Six! I'm sure that you're all excited for the Summer holidays, but also for your exciting new adventures at Secondary School in September! I'm sure that you will all embrace the new challenges that this will bring. I remember my first day even now! Walking up to "big school" with my best friend - she's still my best friend now! We left "little school" in Year Seven though in "those days" so I had an extra year to you all. I remember having butterflies and feeling nervous too, so don't worry if you feel like that - it soon passes and you get to experience all sorts of fabulous things!

I wish that I could be with you for your end of year party sad, but just know that I'll be thinking of you all and will miss you very much!

This week, in addition to daily Maths and an English investigation, we have planned you lots of Summer themed activities for you to choose from. There is some art and craft, cooking, writing and even a create your own sports day! Remember, there is also the year book entry task that Mr Davidson has asked for if you didn't get round to it last week!

It's looking like it's going to be a lovely week so thank goodness you'll be able to do the outside activities! Hopefully I'll be able to set up and do my work outside .

Have a brilliant day!

Mrs Harper