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Mrs Harper's Daily Diary

Friday 26th June

Good morning Year Six!

I can't believe that it's Friday again! I hope those of you working from home had a good day yesterday, and those of you who have been in school have had a good week. It's also unbelievable that there are only three weeks left of school! I remember it being September of Year Five like it was yesterday!

Well done for everything you've been doing over the last few weeks - I know it probably has been a challenge at times but keep going! Your daily diaries will be something you can look back on as part of a historical event...which reminds me that I must update mine this weekend!

I'm planning to get some gardening done this weekend, and I hope that you have a good weekend too!

Speak to you on Monday.

Mrs Harper

Thursday 25th June

Good morning Year Six!

I hope that you all had a good day was a bit boiling wasn't it! It's meant to be the hottest day so far today, so I think I'm definitely going to be staying in the cool! If you are out in the sunshine, make sure you're drinking plenty of water and staying safe.

Well done to those of you who've made a start on the TTRockstars battle...hopefully a few more people will join you today and tomorrow!!

Have a great day all and I'll speak to you again tomorrow!

Mrs Harper

Wednesday 24th June

Good morning Year Six!

Wow! What a scorcher it was yesterday! I'm guessing that you all spent some time outside enjoying the beautiful weather, but let's see if you can give Year Four a challenge today and play a few games towards the battle.

Rigby and Elly found all sorts of places to get comfy yesterday. Elly decided that the best place was in front of the air conditioner, but Rigby had other ideas...who do you think had the best plan?! (See below).

Take care when playing outside again today, and make sure that you seek shade wherever possible!

Speak to you tomorrow!

Mrs Harper

Tuesday 23rd June

Good morning Year Six!

I hope that you all had a good day yesterday and got to enjoy the sunshine!

We went for a lovely evening walk after dinner when it was a bit cooler. We stopped by a gateway and looked out over the fields and felt so grateful for the beautiful countryside that surrounds us! It seemed like we could see for miles!

Mr Harper decided it was time to give Elly a lockdown haircut, so I'll try and get a good picture of her today as she looks super cute now - just like a puppy again. I've seen some disastrous lockdown haircuts being given...have you seen any of the pictures?! Most of them have involved the guard coming off the clippers and leaving the recipient with a bald stripe down the middle of their head!

Year Four have made a good start on the TTRockstars battle, so let's see if you can catch them up today!

Have a good one, and I'll speak to you tomorrow.

Mrs Harper


Monday 22nd June

Good morning Year Six!

I hope that you all had a great weekend smiley

We were really busy in the garden, chopping lots of things down and generally having a good tidy up. Elly (our dog) had the right idea...just chilling out on the bench (take a look at the picture below). The weather is set to be beautiful this week - possibly a bit scorching - so I'm hoping to have my office set up outside this week. I feel much better working in the fresh air than being inside. Make sure that you've got cream and hats on if you're out in the sun and stay hydrated (lots of cool drinks!).

Year Four had a last minute surge and overtook Year Five to win the TTRockstars tournament, so you've got until Friday at 15:15 to see if you can take the (virtual) trophy.

I hope you have a great day and speak to you again tomorrow!

Mrs Harper