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 Friday 22nd May   

Good morning and a happy Friday to you all Year 1 this morning wink 


It was just so fantastic to see and talk to so many of you yesterday morning. Thank you so much for making my day seeing your gorgeous smiling faces and knowing that you are all safe, well and happy. Gosh haven't you grown since we last saw each other wink You are all working so hard and doing brilliantly staying safe at home working on our weekly activities, reading to parents, learning your Red Words and spellings and so many other things. I am so so proud of you all and the super progress you are making. I miss seeing your lovely cheerful faces everyday and listening to what you have been doing or where you are going. It is very hard not being with you but I know you are safe and that has to be the most important thing at the moment.


It's the last day of Home Learning for a week today, as next week is half term and I know you all deserve a holiday and a break after working so hard. Good luck with your spelling test today. Have a super half term and keep sending in photos of what you are doing or photos of your brilliant work as I love to see them and to see what you are doing and how you are getting on.


It is a special day for Jacen tomorrow as it is his birthday. So a very Happy Birthday for Saturday Jacen smiley


It is also Celeste's birthday in half term on Tuesday 26th May. So a very Happy Birthday for Celeste on Tuesday smiley


Have a super half term Year 1 and stay safe. Thank you again for making my day yesterday seeing you all. Miss you loads!wink


 Thursday 21st May

Happy Thursday Year 1 wink I hope you enjoyed the glorious sunshine yesterday. I'm sure there were lots of paddling pools out and lots of ice-lollies being eaten to keep you cool! The sun hasn't come out to play just yet today, but the news is telling us it is on its way, so enjoy but remember to stay safe in the sun.


Have you looked at Wrigley Writes recently? There are so many amazing photos on there and it's so lovely to look at them and to see what you have been doing. Celeste's grass animals are amazing! She was a busy chef baking her Daddy a birthday cake too! Arthur shared his amazing Froggy tale and Annabelle has been making us laugh with her super jokes! We can't wait to receive some more photos of what you have been upto.


As it is Thursday I shall be outside again at 8pm clapping with my neighbours for the NHS, who are doing an amazing job keeping us all safe. Don't forget to practise your spellings again today as it's your weekly spelling test tomorrow. I can't believe that's another week gone and Friday is upon us again! Also it's the last day of term as it is half term next week and time to have a well earned break from school work. Take care and enjoy your Thursdaywink


 Wednesday 20th May

Good morning Year 1 and how are we all today?wink The sun is shining beautifully and it is going to be a super day. Remember to stay safe in the sun and enjoy this super weather! 


How are you finding this week's activities? I hope you are going to enjoy our new history topic on castles smiley I wonder if you have had a look at any of the questions in the plants topic quiz yet. What can you remember learning about this topic?


I had a lovely day in school yesterday with Mrs Kerins. We were very busy and it was so nice seeing the children in the different year groups and helping them with their learning activities. We also saw Mrs Pedder, Mrs Burgin and Kieron which was so lovely.

Have a super Wednesday, sending you big hugs wink


 Tuesday 19th May

Happy Tuesday Year 1wink What an exciting email I received from Annabelle yesterday. She very kindly sent me copies of all her amazing and brilliant hard work. She has written some amazing sentences with super neat handwriting, completed some brilliant science activities and an absolutely gorgeous piece of artwork with her seasons trees, which I thought I could share with you all so you could see how super it is!


 I hope you found and have had a look at yesterdays acts of happiness poster and also the craft activity to make a jar of things to look forward to? Have you seen the You Tube videos of me reading chapter 5 and the end of Flat Stanley and also the story of Little Beaver and the Echo? Have you tried colouring-in and cutting out your own Flat Stanley yet?  


Well I've got a very busy Tuesday today as I'm off to Chackmore to look after key worker children in school with Mrs Kerins today. I will also see Mrs Burgin, Mrs Pedder, Mrs Saunders and Kieron so an exciting and busy day today. Have a super Tuesday and don't forget to send in copies of your amazing work and artwork wink


Monday 18th May

Happy Monday Year 1. I hope you all had a lovely weekend. wink Mrs Clarke was very busy painting at the weekend and she isn't quite finished yet, there is still some more to do. How was the spelling test on Friday my super little spellers? I'm sure you were all brilliant! I'm looking forward to seeing some photos of your season trees artwork too from last week yes smiley


This week is something called 'Mental Health Awareness Week' and the theme is all about kindness. I know we are all trying and thinking about being kind to everyone even more than ever during these very different and unsettling times at the moment. There are lots of things that we can't do at the moment and things are very different. So we thought you might like to see the poster about different acts of kindness that you could try. We also thought that you could make a 'Things to Look Forward to Jar' like the picture below. I have added the link to show you the details about both of these under the Home Learning icon on our

Year 1 website page. I have also added the Flat Stanley templates there too as I promised so that you can have a go at making your own Flat Stanley after listening to the story I read. Have a super Monday, enjoy the sunshine and stay safe wink




Friday 15th May

Good morning Year 1 wink It's Friday today and I can't believe the end of another weeksmiley It's hard to think that it has been a whole week since we were decorating our houses with bunting and flags and celebrating VE Day! Good luck with your spelling test today as it's Friday. I know you are all going to be fantastic as you are super spellers! Have you been listening to my You Tube stories? I have found a Flat Stanley picture for you to make your own and that will be added too.


The sun is shinning and it looks like it's going to be a super day. Have a brilliant weekend with your family. Stay safewink


 Thursday 14th May

Happy Thursday Year 1 smiley How are you all today? 


Well I had a super day yesterday with Mrs Kerins at school and I also saw Kieron, Mrs Pedder, Mrs Burgin and Mrs Saunders which was just so lovely. I was also very excited as I had received another email when I got home. This time it was from Annabelle sharing her super recount of how she celebrated VE Day. It was a fantastic piece of writing and it was also written with beautifully neat handwriting. Annabelle put up bunting, dressed up in red, white and blue and made flags. She was also very lucky as old cars drove by her house in the afternoon to celebrate VE Day.


Thank you so much for sending in your writing and your photos it's so exciting to receive them and to see how hard you are working and also how much you have grown. I hope you are enjoying this week's activities and I'm hoping I will receive some photos of your amazing artwork for your trees in the different seasons. Take care and stay safe wink  



Wednesday 13th May

Happy Wednesday Year 1 wink


I was so excited to receive an email from Addy sharing her photos and a copy of her recount of how she celebrated VE Day. She had a scrumptious afternoon tea with her family.  She also lost a tooth but was excited as the Tooth Fairy came and left her a present. It was such a fantastic piece of writing and she had drawn super pictures to go with it. I can't believe how hard you are all working Year 1 and seeing your work and your writing and how much progress you are making is just amazing and fantastic to see.!wink


I'm excited today as I'm going into Chackmore again today as Mrs Kerins and me are looking after and teaching the key worker children. I will also see Mrs Pedder, Mrs Saunders, Kieron and Mrs Burgin so I can't wait. Have a super Wednesday!wink


  Tuesday 12th May

  Good morning my lovely Year 1 wink It looks like it's going to be a lovely day today as the sun is out and shining brightly already!


I had a lovely email yesterday from Harrison who sent me a copy of his fantastic recount of VE Day. It was so lovely to read and to hear how he celebrated the Bank Holiday with his family. I'm hoping to receive some more emails or photos to see how some more of you celebrated this special day.  I hope you enjoy today's comprehension activity and can remember what you have learnt about VE Day. I think you will all be amazing at this activity as I know you are all so good at history. Did you get yesterday's quiz right? The part of the plant was of course the root of a plant, which I'm sure you got right!wink Also the field of common wild flowers in the other photo were buttercups. 


Have a super Tuesday and enjoy the sunshine and stay safe smiley


 Monday 11th May 

Happy Monday Year 1 wink I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed your VE Day celebrations? Mrs Clarke enjoyed her VE Day listening to the stories about the end of the war, how people celebrated and how different it was back then. Have you listened to the amazing interview by Stanhope with his 82 year old neighbour, who was a child in the war. It was absolutely brilliant!!


How did you get on with your spelling test on Thursday? I'm sure you were all super spellers and super stars! Did you enjoy last week's activities? I hope so smiley I am so looking forward to seeing and reading your recount of VE Day and sharing with me how you celebrated. Don't forget to send in some photos please. Did you guess Thursday's quiz below? The part of a plant was a petal. I'm sure you all got that right. Can you guess what part of a plant it is below today? Also can you guess what wild flower it is growing in the field where I went walking at the weekend?





   Thursday 7th May

 Happy Thursday Year 1 wink The sun is shining and it is such a lovely day.  I hope you are all well and safe? Did you know the answer to my quiz yesterday? I'm sure you all did as you are fantastic little scientists! Here is today's quiz. What part of a plant are these?


   It is a Thursday with a difference today, as it's a bank holiday tomorrow. So it is spelling test day today. Good luck wink I'm sure you will all be brilliant. I hope you are enjoying my stories on the You Tube channel? I will add the template which I've found so that you can make your own Flat Stanley.  I hope you are enjoying the VE Day activities too? Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy your VE Day celebrations tomorrow. Stay safe wink


   Wednesday 6th May

 Happy Wednesday my lovely Year 1 and hope you are all well and looking forward to enjoying the sunshine today?


                                   A little quiz to start today wink What part of a plant are these?



   Do you remember yesterday I said I was going to put up my VE Day bunting? Well I did it and it looks lovely and bright and cheerful outside the front of my house. Unfortunately it's not hand made bunting which I know Celeste and Mrs Parsons have been making. They kindly sent us some photos and it looks gorgeous. Are you putting up any decorations or making bunting for the celebration on Friday?  Mrs Clarke has some work to do again today and then I'm going to do some shopping which I volunteer to do for some neighbours who aren't able to go out. Have a super day today and stay safe wink         



Tuesday 5th May 

 Good morning my lovely Year 1 and a happy Tuesday to you all! smiley  


 The sun was lovely yesterday and we are very lucky as it is going to come out to play again today. Have you taken a little peak at all the new resources and videos on the website which all the teachers have been busy working on for you to stay in touch?


Mrs Clarke cut her grass last night so that the front garden looked nice. Then today I'm going to put up some Union Jack bunting as my neighbours and me decided we would decorate the outside of our houses ready for the VE Day celebrations on Friday. We are going to meet safely outside our gardens like we do on Thursday night when we clap the NHS together and clap and sing to celebrate VE Day. I wonder what you will be doing with your families?  Have a lovely Tuesday and stay safe wink


 Monday 4th May 2020

 Hi Year 1! wink How are we all doing today? I hope you had a super weekend and did some lovely things with your families.


 How did you get on with your spelling test on Friday? Have you looked at this week's new words yet? I think you're all going to be super spellers when we get back to school! smiley I have added some videos of me reading different stories to you.  I hope you like them and by seeing me, it will help us to stay in touch and to know that I'm missing you all so much and all our friends at school.

I have linked this week's English activities to our topic in science about plants. I hope you enjoy the activities which I have planned. There is also a special link now with lots of things to do to celebrate VE Day, Bank Holiday on Friday.  Mrs Wrigley has worked really hard organising and setting up a special page for you. You can find this on the class pages at the bottom with a little Union Jack flag showing you how to access them. Have fun!     

Thank you for sending in your lovely photos and emails showing me and telling me all about the fantastic work you are doing, its so lovely to get them so please keep sending them. I'm looking forward to seeing your artwork of a sunflower wink I also can't wait to see some of your VE Day fun. Enjoy the sunshine today.


Friday 1st May 2020

Good morning Year 1 and welcome to May Day the 1st day of May today wink The sunshine is coming out to play again during the weekend and certainly next week, when we will get to see all the beautiful signs of spring and beautiful brightly coloured flowers again. I'm sure the sunshine will have made everything grow and there will be lots of new flowers blooming to look out for! Unfortunately, some of your science activities, looking at the roots of common wild plants (weeds) might have to be carried out next week instead as the weather hasn't been kind enough for you to do these activities this week really. Don't worry if you haven't done them yet we can catch up next week.


I had a lovely day yesterday and saw some lovely key worker children at school. I also saw Mrs Kerins, Mrs Saunders, Mrs Pedder and Kieron which was so lovely! Did you go outside to clap the NHS last night? I did and it's lovely as I get to see new neighbours which I didn't know before and we clap together.


Have you done your Friday spelling test yet? If not good luck. I'm sure you will be brilliant! I hope you are enjoying the activities which I planned for this week for you? I shall be busy today looking out for new activities for next week for you and rememeber it's Bank Holiday on Friday next week, when we will be celebrating VE Day. Did you find out what this means and why it is a Bank Holiday for everyone? If not could you investigate this today or over the weekend? I will put some VE Day activities on the website for you too for next week.  Have you seen me reading me a story yet on our video page link?

Have a lovely weekend. Stay safe and be kind wink


Thursday 30th April   

  Good morning Year 1 wink I'm excited about today! In a little while,  I'm off to school, to the Chackmore site to help look after Key Worker children who are in school. It will be so lovely to see the children's smiling faces as I miss seeing all of you children. I also get to see Mrs Kerins which is great, Mrs Pedder, Mrs Saunders and Kieron. I miss seeing them too so much.


I hope you have seen the school video now. I know Harrison and his sister Olivia enjoyed it! We had great fun making it and chatting together about what we were all doing. Mr Davidson is very clever as he put it all together and did a brilliant job! I was busy yesterday making a video of me reading some stories to you. I hope you like listening to them as I'm missing you and wanted you to know I'm thinking of you all wink There is a little surprise in one of them - look out for it!


Harrison and his sister Olivia sent me some super photos of their space activities and the rockets which they have made from the Foundation Stage activities. It looks like great fun. Well done and thank you for sharing it with me! Talk soon as I'm off to school now. Take care smiley


Wednesday 29th April 

  Hi Year 1!smiley   It looks like the sun hasn't come out to play again yet, but that's  alright, as our gardens and my new plants are getting a really good watering.  It is trying and hopefully the sun will come out soon.

 I had a very busy day yesterday and found lots of things to do indoors instead. Have you seen the You Tube video which we all made to stay in touch and say hello to you all? If not ask Mummy and Daddy to show you.  Did you recognise all the teachers?  Can you count how many were in the video?  Have a super Wednesday laugh




  Tuesday 28th April

  A very good morning to you all Year 1 wink Unfortunately it doesn't look like the sun is going to come out to play today but never mind the plants and gardens are going to get a well deserved watering instead today. Did you know its National Gardening Week this week?  Mrs Clarke was very busy in her garden yesterday, planting some new flowers, trimming and cutting back some bushes and cutting her grass. I did find some amazing roots from some weeds which I pulled up. Have you been able to check out any roots yet? I think the sun is going to come out and the weather is going to be nice on Friday, so perhaps you might have to wait until then to investigate plant roots in you science activities smiley


 Perhaps do one of Joe Wicks workouts today or look at BBC Bitesize as they have lots of different activities. You could also try designing a new crest using the template on Mrs Wrigley Writes.  Did you like this week's story which I chose for your English activities? I hope you have had fun talking about playing tricks at home with Mummy and Daddy? Always remember to be kind though! Stay safe and I will be back again tomorrow wink


Monday 27th April

  Hi Year 1! wink How are you today? I hope you had a lovely weekend with your family? What did you do as well as enjoy the super sunshine we had? Mrs Clarke enjoyed gardening in the sun and planted some new flowers which she had brought and cut her grass. We also had a  yummy BBQ! 

How did you get on in your spelling test on Friday? I wonder how many gold house point coins we are going to have to give out when we go back to school! It has been amazing to see the fantastic science activities which you have been doing and the amazing exploring and investigating too! I'm sure I am going to be so amazed when we go back to school. Enjoy this week's activities and remember to just have a try and don't you or your Mummy or Daddy worry about any of it. Have a super day! I hope the sunshine comes out to play. Talk tomorrow laugh


Friday 24th April  

 Good morning my lovely Year 1's, I can't believe it's Friday again already! I had a lovely day at school yesterday. It was great to see Mrs Kerins, Mrs Pedder, Mrs Saunders and Kieron, also to see the lovely smiling faces of the key worker children in school. I took this photo of the lovely spring blossom by the cabin to share with you.



  I was also very excited to read the lovely emails and photographs which I've been sent. I'm so impressed at how hard you are working and seeing all the amazing things you are doing and discovering! wink Arthur has been working really hard making a booklet full of all the wild and garden flowers he has found.

Annabelle's Mummy sent a lovely message and I'm pleased to hear that her and Annabelle are enjoying all the activities I have planned and to know how hard she is working. I received some gorgeous photographs of the amazing Easter Garden which she had made with blue pots and brightly coloured stones and pretty bluebells. She has also been really busy baking and out investigating and recording the wild flowers which she has found. I can see the daisies and the amazing photograph of the butterfly on the dandelion.

Harrison enjoyed the Frogman Fred story and wrote an amazing alternative ending where Frogman Fred came face to face with a big, hungry, mean shark. He has also learnt all of his red words which is amazing!

I think Mrs Pedder is going to have to buy some more golden house point coins as I will have so many to give out when we return to school. It is so lovely to see your lovely smiling faces on the photographs and for you to kindly share all of your hard work with me. It is so lovely to stay in touch with each other and know that you are all safe and happy. Thank you!laugh

Have a lovely weekend and I hope you enjoy the activities which I am planning at the moment ready for next week! 


Thursday 23rd April

   Hello Year 1 and how are you on this bright sunny day? wink Mrs Clarke is so excited today, I'm off to school to work at the Chackmore site and I get to see Mrs Kerins today. Yippee!! I haven't seen her for ages so I'm really looking forward to it as I've missed her loads. I will also get to see Mrs Pedder, Kieron and Mrs Saunders as well as the lovely children which we will be looking after and helping with their home learning today. I don't know who they are or how many children,  it's a surprise until I get there and see there smiling faces. It's going to be great fun. 


Later this afternoon I am going to do my Mum's weekly shopping for her as she isn't allowed to go shopping. I'm excited about that too as it's lovely to see her once a week, even if it's just a quick hello. So a very busy day for me today. I hope you are enjoying your science activities and maths and  English? Have a lovely day and don't forget to go out clapping tonight with Mummy and Daddy for the NHS wink


  Wednesday 22nd April

  Good morning my lovely Year 1's! yes  Wow! What a lovely day it is. The sun is shining and the garden looks lovely with the bright spring flowers blooming cool I see Mrs Pedder found some bluebells in the woods on her walk too. Mrs Wrigley is right the lambs are really growing I can't believe how they have changed and got so much bigger whilst I have been out walking.


Mrs Clarke was very busy yesterday, she cut her grass, cleaned her car and not a very nice job but cleaned and disinfected all her dustbins. They all look sparkly clean. 


I wonder what you will be doing today? I hope you liked the story I chose for English? I'm sure your Mummy's and Daddy's are so impressed at how we read our stories and how good you are at speedy green words and red words! wink  Have fun and stay safe. Catch up again tomorrow wink


Tuesday 21st April

   Hi Year 1 how are we all today? How did you find yesterday's home learning activities? wink What did you see and find on your

    daily walk? I found a very cute little lamb who was all black, which is very unusual. He was just so gorgeous with his

         mummy and brother or sister.




  I also found these beautiful wild bluebells wink   What wild flowers did you see?   Have you found the names for them yet?



   Yesterday, did you find out that when you click on the bottom of the Flashback 4 slide it makes it get bigger and then a lady

      talks to you and goes through some examples for the day's activities? I found it really helpful wink

   Have you also looked at the amazing photos Mrs Wrigley has put on Wrigley Writes? The rainbows which everybody has made 

      are just so amazing!!! Have a great day learning day today trying the different activities!  Have fun and keep looking for

        different wild flowers. Talk to you tomorrow smiley


Monday 20th April 2020                                                                                                         Summer Term 1 (week 1)

              Good Morning Year 1 wink  I hope you all had a super Easter Holiday although it was a slightly different Easter for

        everyone this year!  I hope you have been busy looking and finding new things on your daily walks and still investigating

                signs of spring for the season we are in. Look at what Mrs Clarke found on her recent daily walks!  They were

                                      just so gorgeous to see and made me smile and feel so happy.





  I hope you are well rested and ready for some learning? I have put the week's learning activities into a plan so that you can see 

  what I have planned for the week and this may help you to think about how you want to try these activities. There is a maths and

  an English activity for each day. You might want to look at the maths activities for Friday and choose one of these to do with

  your daily maths lesson during the week. Your new science topic is all about plants. To begin we need to look together and try to

  understand the difference between wild plants and garden plants. I have been out investigating as a science detective already

                and these are some of the wild plants which I found. Can you find these and some different ones?



           Look at the science activities on the weekly plan and have fun investigating!  I can't wait to see your beautiful 

           drawings and to see what you found as a science detective!  wink


Friday 17th April 2020

Hi Year 1 wink How are you all? I hope you have had a super time with your family over the Easter holidays. which have been a little bit different to normal this year! Have you eaten all of your Easter eggs yet? I'm missing you all and the fun and giggles we have in school together, but hopefully we will be back soon smiley


I have been reading the other pages on our website and it's lovely to hear and see what everyone has been doing to keep themselves busy and to stay safe. It seems that we have all been busy trying new things which we haven't done before or perhaps had the time to do before which is so lovely.  I was busy volunteering and doing shopping for friends and neighbours yesterday, it is so good to know that such a little thing can mean so much and we are all helping and thinking of others during these strange times.  Did you go outside last night to clap the NHS? We did and it was great to see people in the street shouting and  clapping!  Have you sent any of your rainbow photos to Mrs Wrigley?


Today, I shall be planning some lessons for you for next week and then going out for my daily walk to see what beautiful things I can see today.  What will you see and discover on your walk today? Have a super weekend and I look forward to chatting again on Mondaywink


Tuesday 14th April 2020

Good Morning my lovely little Year 1's! wink I hope you had a super Easter with your families and the Easter Bunny brought you lots of chocolate eggs!  Did you make your Easter gardens?

It is a special day for someone in our class today - it is Addy's birthday! wink So a very happy birthday to Addy from me and everyone in Year 1. I'm singing and wishing you a happy birthday at home Addy, can you hear me?

I was sent some lovely photographs from Elizabeth, who has been a really busy science detective. Well done Elizabeth! I can't wait to hear all about you investigations when we go back to school!smiley  Year 1 have you tried any of Mrs Kerins' exciting science investigations on our website page? Have a look and let us know what you discover? Mrs Kerins is a really good cook and I'm certainly going to try her Gingerbread recipe!wink

Mrs Clarke has been busy enjoying the wonderful sunshine, she has been busy cleaning windows, spring cleaning and gardening. I have seen lots of beautiful signs of spring out on my daily walks too. Enjoy your Easter holidays and stay safe.



 Happy Easter Year 1!  wink  I hope you have lots of Easter eggs from the Easter Bunny! 

Enjoy the sunshine and your special family time together. I will be catching up with you again next week! smiley   


Tuesday 7th April 2020

Good morning Year 1 wink  How did you enjoy day 1 of the Easter holidays yesterday? I hope you are enjoying have a well deserved break from school work and enjoying playing, resting and having fun with your family at home? Have you been trying out some of the fantastic Easter activities in Mrs Wrigley's bumper pack?

It's so lovely to see your photos and happy smiling faces in the photographs on Wrigley Writes pages. I saw Celeste busy making a fabulous nest to put her chocolate eggs in. I saw Arthur walking his gorgeous dogs Walter and Monty and enjoying dough disco in his garden. Harrison has been enjoying listening to Mrs Andrew's story and Addy has been having a wotsit challenge! What great fun you've had whilst keeping safe laugh

Enjoy the Easter holidays and the sunshine. I shall write again soon yes surprise


Week 2

Friday 3rd April 2020

Good morning lovely Year 1 wink How are we all today? It is a funny feeling today as we would be breaking up for the Easter holidays today, but we have already broken up. Did Mummy and Daddy like the Easter cards we made in school? Are you going on an Easter egg hunt soon? 

As it is Friday today, are you going to do your weekly spelling test? Good luck, I'm sure you will all be super spellers and get a house point and a sticker! Did you have a little look at the new maths activities and challenges on our Year 1 page yet?

Did you guess where I had been  in my photo, walking in Buckingham? I walked along the river by the University, it was beautiful and very relaxing. I hope you saw some exciting things on your walk yesterday wink I thought I would show you what I saw on my walk yesterday. These lovely little ducks were looking for some water to swim in.  Which animal group do they belong to? Are they a herbivore, omnivore or a carnivore?


Have you looked at the amazing Easter activities pack which Mrs Wrigley has put together for you? What a busy lady she has been putting all those brilliant activities and ideas together to keep you busy over the Easter holidays. Remember, we were going to make Easter gardens in school, last week. Have you still got the letter and instructions to help you make one at home or watch the video on the Wrigley Writes page and have a go. Please send a photograph of them into the office and we can add them to the website. I can't wait to see them.


Have a really lovely Easter and remember to stay safe and don't eat too many eggs!!  Happy Easter Year 1 wink heart


Thursday 2nd April 2020

Hello my lovely little Year ones! I'm missing you all and missing your happy little faces, your laughs, our hugs and our giggles. I'm also missing our dancing and exercise moves in dough disco as it's always great fun doing it with you! smiley But we must stay safe and follow the rules by staying at home at the moment and I'm sure we can all go back to school and be together again when its safe and start our fun days in Year 1 again! wink


How was April Fools Day yesterday? Did you play any jokes on your family?  If you look at the Home Learning icon on our Year 1 page, you will see that Mrs Clarke has added some new maths activities and challenges for you. I know you are all so clever and working so hard on the home learning packs that I sent home before we broke up, but I thought you might like to have a go at something different too! Also don't forget to click on the White Rose Hub Home learning link for other maths activities. I'm sure I'm going to be amazed at the progress you've made and how fantastic you are at maths when we go back to school.  Keep up the hard work!! yes  wink


I thought you might like to see what I saw on my walk yesterday.  

   Isn't it just beautiful and so relaxing?  Where might this be in Buckingham?


I also had another super surprise on my walk. Guess who I saw?

   Yes you guessed it. I saw Nic from Year 2. It was so lovely to see his happy smiling face!

What will you see on your walk today?


Wednesday 1st April 2020

Good morning Year 1, have you remembered what day it is today? Yes, it's April Fools daywink I wonder what little jokes you will play on your family? Remember to be kind.


How was your science detective work? Did you find out what the 3 different animal groups are? The answers are, a carnivore is an animal that eats only meat, a herbivore is an animal which only eats plants and an omnivore eats both plants and meat. Did you guess which group the 3 animals in the photos from yesterday were? The polar bear is a carnivore, the rabbit is a herbivore and the hedgehog is an omnivore smiley  Hey but you already had those answers didn't you as you're fantastic little science detectives and got these all right!  What other examples did you find? Have you drawn and labelled some?


Mrs Clarke thought you would like to see what I saw busy in the field yesterday when I was out on my daily walk. What have you seen when you've been out walking?




Tuesday 31st March 2020

Hi everyone! wink How are we all today? Are you getting use to the lovely, longer light evenings after changing the clocks at the weekend? The sun has decided to shine this morning, so let's hope it's going to be a bit warmer todayyes


How did you get on with yesterday's little quiz? Were you super science detectives and found the answer? The lion is a carnivore, the sheep is a herbivore and the dog is an omnivore. Do you know what these groups mean? Today little science detectives - can you find out what a carnivore, a herbivore and omnivore are? Then over the next few days before we break up for the Easter holidays, please could you find some other examples of each of these 3 groups of animals and draw and label a picture of some?  To help you I have given you another example for each group below. Can you find out which group they belong to?  Let's find out tomorrow! Good luck wink



Monday 30th March 2020

Good morning Year 1 surprise I hope you all had a lovely weekend? Mrs Clarke was busy, I managed to clean my oven, which is now sparkly clean, I cut my grass which was hard work as it had really grown and was very long and I did some home baking! laugh


It's week 2 of our new home learning and I hope you are working through the maths, English and reading home learning pack which I sent home? How are you getting on? I'm sure you are all doing really well and working hard. I can't wait to hear all about what you've learnt when we return to school. wink  How did you get on in your spelling test on Friday? Are you practicing this week's new words? 


In our science topic we have been looking at humans and animals. So today I thought I would give you a little quiz!   What are the names of these 3 different groups of animals called?  I will be back tomorrow to see how you got on wink



Week 1

Friday 27th March 2020

Good morning my little Year 1's it's Friday today and we have all done amazing and worked so hard in week 1 of our new way of learning at home and keeping each other safe smiley Have you looked at or been using the Oxford Owl website to help you with your phonics and your reading? ( There are lots of practice sheets for sounding out and blending Set 1, 2 and 3 sounds. There are speedy green word slideshows and reading books for you too so that you can keep practicing and WOW me when we are back at school! laugh  Mrs Sheldon also shared with me that it's National Scribble day today,  - why don't you take the challenge and have a go? yes

Mrs Clarke also found these amazing new signs of spring!!


These are 2 new super blossom trees at Akeley to replace the old poorly ones outside our classroom, where the new wooden play castle is. I can't wait to show you where these new  trees have been planted, when we get back to school.wink


A BIG THANK YOU to Finn, Mrs Wrigley and Mrs Pedder, you have been busy looking at signs of spring for me and Year 1wink The photos are super! Thank you for your science detective work!

Also a BIG THANK YOU to Mrs Kerins for adding to our Year 1 and the Year 2 class pages its so lovely to hear what she has been up to too! wink Well done on the Joe Wicks PE lessons - it looks like hard work!!


Thursday 26th March 2020

Good morning Year 1 smiley  How are you all today? How are you getting on with your home learning?

What is Mrs Clarke up to today? Well I'm at school, but not at Akeley, I'm on the Chackmore site today with Mrs Pedder. I have got some work to do today, so I will be busy like you. It was lovely driving to school and seeing the sun shining. It was also really lovely as I saw Stanhope walking his dog with his Daddy. That was a lovely surprise on my way here.Have a good day and stay safe.


Wednesday 25th March 2020

Good morning Year 1wink What signs of spring did you find yesterday in your garden? This is what Mrs Clarke found growing in her garden.


Buds are shooting and flowers are beginning to blossomsmiley and the sun is shining! 

Have you looked at our Year 1 page on the website too? Mrs Clarke was busy yesterday changing things around and making it look pretty. I have also added all your spellings as promised so that you can still carry on learning your weekly spellings at home wink

Please also ask Mummy or Daddy to look at the book which Mrs Clarke saw on the news earlier. It is a lovely story to help you to understand why we are at home keeping everyone safe at the moment. You can read this book free on the website 



Tuesday 24th March 2020

Good morning Year 1. How was your first day of home learning yesterday?wink There are lots of activities on the school website. Read Write Inc are offering on-line phonic lessons, White Rose Hub have daily maths activities and there are PE sessions with Joe Wicks. The teachers are also reading stories on You Tube, to make sure that we stay in touch and so that you know we are all thinking of you and missing you. I will be adding one soon, so look out for it!cool


Today we would have been going to Forest School with Mrs McKenzie, so instead of going to the forest, your challenge today is to go out into your garden instead. Look at how it is changing. What can you see growing? Can you see any tiny buds? What can you hear? Can you find something which smells lovely? Why not watch Mrs McKenzie's 'Frog Blog' too! surprise


Did you guess who was on the big tree log with Mrs Clarke? That was Dexter. He is my son's dog and he is about 2 years old and full of life and fun. Mrs Clarke is going to be busy adding your spellings to the website today. Look out for them, then you can practice your weekly spellings and do your own spelling test on Friday's with Mummy or Daddy, instead of doing it in class with me. Keep your results and then when we can give out all those house points and stickers when we get back to school! wink

Remember to stay safe!


Monday 23rd March 2020

Good morning Year 1  smiley It is the first day of our new way of learning. The sun is shining and the signs of spring are outside. I thought I would share with you what I did yesterday and to celebrate Mother's Day.

  • Who is that with Mrs Clarke on the big tree log?       What signs of Spring can you see outside today?