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Tuesday 31st March

Good Morning Everyone smiley


How did you find Monday of week two?  I hope you are all well and are finding lots of things to do to keep you busy.  How are you getting along with your work?  I bet the teachers are keeping you very busy!


Ben and I worked on his science homework together yesterday.  Year 6 were studying friction and we had to look at the effects different materials had on the braking power of his bike.  I'm not sure how successful our investigation was but we had fun trying and we managed to break his brakes in the process!!  We scurried back and wrote up some facts on friction instead! frown


I hope you all have a great day today.  Keep going with all your hard work.  Keep helping your families.  Keep safe.  Keep enjoying yourselves.  Keep letting us know what you are up to!


With very best wishes,


Mrs Wrigley heart