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Monday 29th June

Good morning everyone 


How are you all?  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that you enjoyed the slightly cooler weather?  What did you get up to?


We had a lovely weekend here starting with a movie afternoon with Ben after work on Friday.  We also played some games, (Ben THRASHED me at Monopoly), started a new jigsaw puzzle, did some gardening and jobs around the house and even managed to fit in a bit of school work and time for an ice cream too.  We had our family quiz with my brother on Saturday and spoke to Mr Wrigley's parents on Facetime.  Mr Wrigley was relieved to have a weekend off decorating.....that won't last long as I'm already lining up the next room for him to start on!




Today I'm working at home as Mrs Andrews is busy in the office at Akeley so I'm sat here with a cup of tea, my laptop and Roger sitting very contentedly at me feet.  He just brought me a toy pheasant to throw for him and is sulking because I'm busy!




So, later this week you'll be able to see videos from your new class teachers and you'll be thinking about starting a new school year.  Ben has a virtual transition day to his new school tomorrow and when he leaves St James and St John it will be the first time that Mr Wrigley and I haven't had a child at our school for 12 years!  We were chatting about it at the weekend and remembering lots of things we've enjoyed seeing our boys do there.  There was the time Oli was Joseph in the Nativity and promptly pulled his costume up to reveal his pants to the audience!  Finn's face when he was a camel in the Nativity - he had the hump!!  Ben's amazement when he burnt his thumb on a hot marshmallow at Forest School.  There have been countless happy sports days, school productions, Mother's Day assemblies, discos, bingo nights, play dates, nosebleeds, gold awards, housepoints, parents evening, first aid forms, residentials, school visits, reports, homework projects and even a call or two to come and see Mrs Pedder!!


It's lovely to share happy memories of our school and that's where you come in.  What are your happy memories of school?  Is there a time you remember well - maybe playing on the bikes, going to Forest School, enjoying a day at Stowe, Harvest Assembly or just enjoying time in the classroom.  I'd love to hear from you so I can share your memories with your friends.  Perhaps you could drop me a line, draw a picture or even create a Lego model of your memory.  Send them in to the usual address when you are ready and I'll share them on Wrigley Write.


Have a lovely day today and enjoy thinking back over your time at St James and St John.


With vest best wishes,

Mrs Wrigley heart