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Monday 27th April

Good Morning Everyone smiley


I hope you are all well and that you enjoyed the weekend in the amazing sunshine.  Wasn't it beautiful?


We had a lovely weekend in the garden, enjoying playing table tennis, reading our books, listening to music, catching up with friends and enjoying a bar-be-que.  We found a swing ball in the garage which we had forgotten all about so enjoyed playing that too.

On Friday afternoon, Mr Wrigley set the tent up in the garden to give the boys a bit of a change of scene.  As soon as it was up Ben filled it with blankets, an air bed, beanbags and all sorts of equipment.  It was better furnished than the rest of the house!  They have had a great time in there over the weekend and were disappointed when we took it down ahead of the rain forecast for this week. 

As the weather is due to be a little less sunny this week, we'll all have to work hard to think of things to keep us busy indoors.


Before the holiday, you might remember that Gwen sent in an amazing new 'homeschool crest' she had designed.  I thought it might be fun for you to try designing one for yourself.  I have attached a document with some different crest outlines on to get you started.  You could print these or copy them onto a piece of paper.  Your crest needs to include all the things that are important to your new homeschool.  You might include your pens, pencils computer or tablet, the books you use, a picture of Mummy or Daddy helping you, a picture of Joe Wicks or one of the BBC Bitesize programmes, the toys you have been playing with, the snacks you have enjoyed eating, a picture of the pets who have been keeping you company....the list is endless!  There is no 'right' way to design your crest so just have fun.  You might like to include a 'homeschool moto' too!!


Have a great time designing it and don't forget to send in your pictures. 


Stay safe and take care.


With all best wishes,


Mrs Wrigley heart

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