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Tuesday 24th March

Wow!  What a beautifully sunny day Monday has been!  smiley


We've all been busy here getting used to our new routine.  The boys and I have all been working together in the conservatory.  The sun has been shining all day keeping us lovely and warm and we have had the door open so can hear the birds singing.  Roger, (the dog), is thrilled that we are all home and has been dashing around all day looking very pleased with himself.  There must be a lot of very happy pets in everyone's homes.  Mr Wrigley has been making a lot of turns out he drinks even more tea than your teachers!


Sylvie sent in some pictures of her beautiful new puppy Mabel.  She is sooooo cute!  Have a look for yourself at the pictures on the Wrigley Writes page.


Thank you to everyone who has sent in messages, pictures and even recipes.  I'm really enjoying keeping in touch with you all.


After a long day looking at the computer, it was lovely to take Roger for a nice long walk along the quiet lanes.


I hope you are all well and that you are enjoying the sunshine.


See you soon and keep in touch,


Mrs Wrigley heart