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Hi Year 2!

Another week already, I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I was glad it was a bit cooler everyone got much more sleep in our house! This weekend I went on a nice walk, made some cookies for my friend's birthday and planned some lessons for you and Year 3. 


This week is a national Art week, if we were at school you would be doing a whole range of creative, artistic activities. So this week there will be Maths and English like normal and then each day a different art activity. I have tried to include a range of different activities for you to do, some days there are a few to choose from using different materials. That way you can choose which activity to do based on what resources you have at home! Send me in photos if you want to I love seeing your work it really cheers up my days.


This week in Maths you will be looking at measures starting with comparing mass. In English you will be looking at the story of Lost and Found you will be ordering the story and then thinking about what the characters might be thinking. Art today there is a warm up activity and then some step by step guides (some pictorial some videos) of how to draw animals, feel free to colour this animals on however you like with whatever you like, or even just leave them as pencil drawings. 


Hope you have a wonderful day. 


Love Mrs Barker x