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Hello Year 2! 

How are you? I hope you've had a lovely weekend wasn't it nice to have a bit of sunshine back! 

I went for a lovely long walk on Saturday it was so nice to be outside, we walked along a canal and round a big park in Milton Keynes. On Saturday evening it was our turn to host the family quiz which was lots of fun and it's always nice to see my family, my nephew Wilfred who is 5 was dressed up as an alien! 

I haven't done as much today as Violet hasn't been very well so we have had lots of snuggles and watched The Little Mermaid which is possibly my favourite film of all time!


This week in Maths you will be looking at 2D and 3D shapes. You are kicking off today with 2D shapes naming them and investigating their properties. In English you will be doing a few days work based on a story called Maisie and the Dragon about a little girl who loses her pet dragon. Today you will be listening to the story and exploring prepositions. Finally you have some History work to do all about Amelia Earhart who was a fantastic explorer! There is a power point of information and then you can choose which activity you would like to do. 


Remember to send in any questions you have about Chackmore and Year 3 and I will add them to my list, I have had some great ones so far! 


Have a great day!


Love Mrs Barker x