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Monday 18th May

Monday 18th May

Good Morning, Year 3.  The start of yet another week.  Is it just me, or are these weeks flying by?

Today I’m in school with Mrs Sheldon.  I haven’t seen her for ages so I’m really looking forward to working with her today. 

I’ve enjoyed seeing some of your Roman shield pictures.  You do look a fierce lot! I think the Celts would have been pretty scared if they had had to face the Year 3 army!


This week is mental health week and the theme this year is kindness.  At this unusual time when we’re all trying to help each other, I think kindness is a particularly good thing for us to think about.  As your ‘extra activity’ each day this week, have a look at the attached below.  There are examples of different acts of kindness.  Choose one each day to do and see who you can make happy by being kind.

And now for today's English and Maths:

Also here is a lovely activity which you might like to do with your family.  It’s making a ‘Things to look forward to’ jar.  I’m certainly going to do this!