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Monday 11th May

Good Monday Morning, Year 3.  Have you had a good long weekend?  And did you celebrate VE Day on Friday?  As I've been doing my walks every day I have seen lots and lots of flags and bunting that people had put up on their houses and in their gardens.  In my road we all decorated our houses with bunting and flags and had afternoon tea in our front gardens where we could call across the road and over fences and hedges to our neighbours.  It was great fun, and of course the weather was lovely too!


So, here we are again, at the start of yet another week.  Today I am going in to school and I am going to have a meeting with Mrs Smith as we have a few things to discuss.  Meanwhile, here are your activities for today.  English is an activity for the whole week and for maths today, I have given you a facts page which will help you with your work.