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Monday 13th July

Good Morning everyone smiley


How are you all?  I hope you had a fabulous weekend and were able to get out and enjoy the sunshine.


It was a busy weekend for the Wrigleys with haircuts, family quizzes and calls, friends to see and some decorating at school for Mr Wrigley and I too.


So, here we are at the last week of term and I though it would be nice to start the week with a bot of fun.  These facts are all about grown ups you know at school - see if you can work out who they are and I'll pop the answers up tomorrow.  Have fun!


With very best wishes,

Mrs Wrigley heart


  • I once sat next to J K Rowling. I was in Pompeii at the time.  Who am I?
  • I once sang with a choir at the Royal Albert Hall.  Who am I?
  • I grew up with some very strange pets!  We had owls, otters, monkeys, llamas, lizards, shire horses, snakes and falcons to name a few.  Who am I?
  • I did three bungee jumps in one day during a visit to New Zealand.  Who am I?
  • I met Jaqueline Wilson in Buckingham.  Who am I?
  • I enjoyed a hot air balloon ride in Kenya and saw the Big 5.  Who am I?
  • I can scuba dive and have enjoyed diving in the Barrier Reef.  Who am I?
  • I went to Cubs....once!  My Mum still hasn't forgiven me.  Who am I?
  • I have visited Hawaii, where Jurassic Park was filed.  Who am I?
  • I flew in a tiny aircraft over the Grand Canyon.  Who am I?
  • I shook hands with rugby legend, Martin Johnson.  Who am I?
  • I met Princess Diana. Who am I?
  • I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Who am I?
  • I met the Spice Girls!  Who am I?
  • I met George Cloony at the Venice film festival.  Who am I?
  • I watched Dynamo push a bottle right through a table!  Who am I?