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Monday 08th June

Good Morning Everyone smiley


Happy Monday!  Did you all have a lovely weekend?  Wasn't the weather odd?  Did you see the big thunder storm on Saturday?  Ben was enjoying a socially distanced catch up with some friends...they all got pretty wet just after this picture had been taken!


Have you managed to catch up with any friends or family yet?  We had a visit from Mr Wrigley's parents on Sunday and it was lovely to see was very odd not be allowed to give them a hug though!  It made a nice change to chat to them and hear all their news.  It was also a nice break from decorating!


As promised, I've been keeping a close check on our cress heads over the weekend.  They're looking pretty good this morning.  Have you tried making any yet?  I know that Ramona in year 2 has been experimenting with growing cress in different conditions around the house.  Well done Ramona.

Having looked at the weather forecast, it looks as though we might all need to find some things to keep us busy indoors this week.  Try following this link -  it will take you to Blue Peter's 'Make, Bake, Create' page.  There are lots of fun things to try making...I especially like the look of the slime!


Have a great day everyone and have fun.


With love from,

Mrs Wrigley heart