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Monday 01st June

Good Morning Everyone smiley


Welcome back to you all.  I've missed you over the half term break!  Have you had a great time and have you been enjoying the sunshine?

Hasn't it been beautiful.  I would imagine that there have been a lot of days spent in paddling pools and on water slides!


We've had a lovely break.  Mr Wrigley had a few days off too so the five of us all enjoyed the week together, (six including Roger of course!)  We've spent lots more time in the garden and have added a few summer plants to the pots as well as finding lots of time to relax in the sunshine.  I should probably include a picture here of a sensible book but...this is my favourite thing to read!!  Mr Wrigley always complains when it is delivered to us as I come up with yet another idea of how to decorate a room.  My latest idea is to paint part of the garden walls pink....yes, I know we've only just painted them! Watch this space!

As always, we've played lots and lots of games.  I don't think a day goes past without as playing a game of some sort.  We've played Uno, Jumanji, Monopoly, cards and yahtzee to name a few and the boys have all enjoyed playing on their games consoles and chatting to their friends. Minecraft seems to be back in favour this week!
We've also been doing even more decorating and have finished another room.  I'm now working my way through some shelving in the playroom which seems to be taking a very long time - I'll be glad when that is finished as it's very fiddly and I keep getting covered in gloss paint!

We've enjoyed a quiz night with my family and have been for our usual walks along the lanes.  We've had a barbeque in the garden and Oli and I even watched a movie out there together one day.  All in all, its been a lovely. restful week.


We've been watching the television and seeing lots of people having fun at the beach and in the parks with their friends and family.  It's so lovely to see people start to get out and about in the sunshine.  We have continued to stay home most the time although Mr Wrigley and I did venture to get some plants one day!  Unfortunately Ben has been suffering with a horrible dose of hay fever so we've been doing our best to keep him safely indoors away from the pollen.


So, that's my news.  What have you been up to?  Have you enjoyed being in the garden, playing at the park, going for walks or even seeing family of friends that you haven't seen for a little while? I'd love to see what you've been doing and to hear all about it too. 


Stay safe and have a lovely day.


With all best wishes,

Mrs Wrigley heart