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Learning your times tables - a massive document but have a look at p26 for 2,5 and 10s to start!

Friday 5th June 2020

Just to explain the sheet for today...

 Children will recap the concepts taught in the previous week. Children will be introduced to the terminology clockwise and anticlockwise. Children will explore quarter turns, half turns and full turns and work out an object’s finishing position by cutting out the picture and physical rotating it allowing them to work out the finishing position. They will then progress to using pictorial representations to visualize the finishing position of a shape.
Ask questions such as:
What would the shape look like if it’s turned __?
What do you notice when you turn a shape a full turn clockwise / anticlockwise?
What do you notice when you turn a shape a half turn clockwise / anticlockwise?

Tuesday 2nd June 2020- rated one to three stars! Find your level then maybe challenge yourself with the next star up!

Monday 1st June 2020


Monday maths is very practical and should teach and revise positional words, like forwards and backwards. The activity is also designed to test your memory.

To start: Parents!

Introduce terminology by giving instructions such as:

Move two steps forward.

Move one step right.

Move one step backwards. 


Children: Somebody then needs to give you the instructions from the template and  you follow them. After that, why not try to remember say, four instructions in a row!

To finish, ask someone to choose four directional instructions, watch them and YOU tell them what they are doing, using the mathematical terms you have learned!




S2W1 - position and direction

Dear Year 2,

This is the video link for Week 5 maths.

Summer 1 Week 5 day 5 - bit of a challenge! Division as the inverse of multiplication of your 10 times table! Have a go!

Summer 1 Week 5 Day 4

Summer 1 Week 5 Day 3

Summer 1 Week 5 Day 2

Summer 1 week 5 day 1

Summer 1 week 4 Day 5


You've worked hard this week. Try your 2,3 and 5 times tables with an adult! You could test them with your super knowledge! Try to ask them out of order, so 4 x 5, then 1 x 5. It can be harder that way. Look at the times tables document too and try one of the games.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Sheldon

Summer 1 Week 4 Day 4


The following link is Week 4's  video information on the tasks!

Mrs Sheldon

Summer 1 Week 4 Day 3

Summer 1 Week 4 Day 2

Summer 1 Week 4 Day 1

Summer 1 Week 3 Day 4

Summer 1 Week 3 day 3

Summer 1 Week 3 Day 2

Summer 1 Week 3 Day 1


I think you've worked hard this week, so there's just a little on-line quiz to do, following the link below. You can only do so many questions and then it asks you to join, but I would then just do a bit of revision of the three times table and give yourselves a pat on the back!

Summer 1 week 2 Day 4


UPDATE WEDNESDAY! No worries, we had done this work sheet already last Friday when I was worried about you having access to metre rules! So just happy if you do the work as says below!


Summer 1 week 2 Day 3


A technical hitch! The White Rose site is down for maintenance at this point, so in case that lasts, have a look at the following video link and then practise your 2,5 and 10 times table using the sheets from the big document at the top of this page. It's from page 26!

I will endeavour to get the correct next bit of work up too.

Summer 1 Week 2 Day 2

Smmer 1 week 2 Day 1

Here's this week's video link for White Rose Maths week 2.

Summer 1 Week 1 Day 5

Summer 1 week 1 Day 4

Summer week1 Day 3


Here's the video link for the White Rose maths!

Summer week1 Day 2

Hello again!

I've been researching other maths sites and I think the White Rose pages look good, as they also have supporting videos to help mums and dads!



Fact families - Summer week 1 day 1

Hello children!

These sheets are designed to revise topics covered already. Today's is on fact families. You can choose which sheet you think you can do. They are starred one star through to three stars, one star being the hard task, the three stars being the hardest.

Ask mum or dad to show you them and make your choice! If you find the one you do too easy, try the next one up! There are answer sheets too, but don't look at those until you've completed the task!

The format for the majority of Maths sheets will be like these so you get used to them.

Hope that makes sense.

Mrs Sheldon