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From this week onwards, your maths learning will be focused around preparing you for Year 6 – I can’t believe where the time is going to! We’ll be revising some key concepts, using the same format as we have been so far during our period of working at home, with the video and worksheets, however from this week there is further information and practise activities available on the BBC Bitesize page. You may also be introduced to some new learning that you have not yet done in school but just give this your best shot! (I know that you all will!)


From next week, the worksheets will still be available to you, but instead of on the White Rose Maths page next to the video, they will be under the daily activities maths tab, underneath where I tell you which lesson to complete. As always, there will be links to other work if you are finding the activity too challenging – have a go and try your very best! Think about the resources we might use in the classroom and see if you can find anything around the house to help you if need be:

  • You might have a game of Connect 4 and you could use the counters from that to help you.
  • You could draw out your own place value grids and use the counters as place value counters, or even raisins or sweets if you don’t have any counters…get creative!
  • You might want to make your own 100 square – 10 squares x 10 squares – or even a multiplication grid – 13 squares by 13 squares.
  • If a money question, you might want to use coins to help you.
  • If a time question, you might use a watch or a clock.


On the very first “Home Learning” page, just under the icon you click to find the daily activities, under the Maths heading you will find an icon that says Maths Resources. Under here you will find sets of knowledge organisers to support your learning and also some other “useful resources”.

1. Complete today's lesson - Summer Term, Week 3 - Lesson 1 - Multiply 2-digit numbers (area model)


2. TTRockstars - Play 10 games in the garage to keep yourselves up to speed!


Finding this too challenging? Have a look at Summer Term - Week 3, Lesson 1 activities on the link below.