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In maths yesterday, you were practising the formal method you have learnt for subtraction. I hope you all got on ok!


Today, you're still going to be working on subtraction but will be practising using mental strategies to take away.


Below are links to some Secret Subtraction Trails. Choose which level of difficulty you want to challenge yourself with. Watch out for Challenge - it's a Brain Buster today!


To solve each of the Secret Trails, you need to start at the circled number in the grid and make your way to the circled number at the bottom, taking away the numbers along the path you have chosen as you go. You may need to try a few different routes before you find one that works! I have completed the first question on each of the sheets so you can see what you need to do.


If you're finding taking away in your head tricky then use the 100 Square I have put a link to below to help you in counting backwards.


You will find the solutions to each grid on the answer sheets.