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Home Learning w/c 13th July

As it is the last week of term this week is going to be a different. If we were at school you would be doing lots of fun summer activities so Mrs Harper, Mrs Chapman and I have been working together to create that for you at home. We have made a grid full of all sorts of different activities; there's cooking, PE, art, craft and lots of things to do outside. You can choose to do whichever activities you like each day, you can do them with your family at home or on your own. Some of the craft and cooking activities you will need a grown up to help you. Any resources you need are under the resources tab. You still have Maths every day just click on the Maths button and there are some English tasks within the grid.  I hope you enjoy the activities and please send in your work I would love to see it! 



Hello everyone! 


I hope you had a lovely weekend, and enjoyed the sunshine! I had a nice weekend the brownies for my friend turned out well. Another friend's baby had his first birthday so we had a socially distanced birthday picnic with the babies which was very cute they were waving and giggling at each other. Did you have a nice weekend? Today I am sorting some things out for us in September and doing a Maths webinar in the afternoon which should be interesting.


Your Maths today is continuing on with time looking at hours and days. Then you have the summer grid to pick from. Send me pictures of what do! 


Have a super day! 


Love Mrs Barker x


Hello Year 2! 


I hope you had a good day yesterday and enjoyed some of the activities. Last year I had to take all of my things home as I didn't have a classroom to keep them in so yesterday I had a busy day sorting out all of the boxes ready to put back in the classroom over the summer holidays. Mr Barker will be VERY pleased when they are gone and he can have the shed back! 


Today I am in school with some more of you which I am very much looking forward to, I am sure we will have a super morning! When you go home at lunch time I will be doing some more things to get ready for September - I am really looking forward to our first topic on the Stone Age! 


I hope you have a wonderful day. 


Love Mrs Barker x





I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday, I really enjoyed seeing some more of you in school - I think we are going to have a super fun year! 

Today I am doing the usual things lots of playing and singing with Violet and we will probably go for a walk. Then when she is napping I will be working and doing some boring jobs like putting the washing away- the joys of being a grown up! Hopefully you will have a more exciting day. 


Today in Maths it is your last lesson on time you will be comparing different durations of time. Thank you so much for the pictures I have had so far of the summer activities looks like you have been having great fun! 


Have a wonderful Wednesday, 


Love Mrs Barker x 




Hello  laugh


Thursday already! I hope you had a good day yesterday, mine was rather busy. We had a virtual staff meeting in the afternoon, it was lovely to see all of the other teachers! 


Today I am going for a walk with one of my friends so fingers crossed it doesn't rain! I am also going to be a bit like Santa and go present delivering as lots of my friends and family have birthdays this weekend. 


Today in Maths you have a summer code breaker investigation to solve, make sure you read the questions carefully to help you find the correct letters - good luck! 


Have a wonderful day,


Love Mrs Barker x



Happy Last Day of Year 2! 


What a strange end of the year it is! Well done to you and your families for doing such an amazing job with your home learning I am sure it hasn't always been easy. I have been SO impressed with all these fantastically creative and wonderful things that have been sent to me or that have been uploaded on Wrigley Writes, you should be so proud of yourselves. 


I am so looking forward to September it is going to be wonderful to actually be in our classroom together and do lots of learning (and lots of laughing). I would much rather be able to actually talk to you than write these messages! 


I hope you have a magnificent summer, stay safe and have lots of fun. I can't wait to hear all about what you have got up to in September. 


Lots of love, 


Mrs Barker xx