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Wednesday 1st April

Good morning everyone!

It's a new month and April is one of my favourites! So many beautiful signs of Spring to see, Easter is just around the corner and later in the month my birthday! I know some of our Foundation Stage friends have birthdays this month too so I hope you enjoy your special days! 

Yesterday Maisie and I enjoyed our daily exercise in the woods near us and we stumbled across some great dens which we enjoyed adapting and playing in with Pippa! It felt like we were at Forest School. Maisie also enjoyed taking part in a family quiz, she was very good and knew some answers that I didn't know!

I hope you're all enjoying time with your families and managing a walk, scooter or bike ride a day to get out in the fresh air. 

Did you play guess the shape yesterday? How did you do? Did you remember to use your mathematical vocabulary? Perhaps you could make a picture today using shapes? Can you draw or make a train using rectangles, circles and squares? Or a rocket from triangles, circles and rectangles? Have fun!

If you haven't already completed the egg or not sheet in your pack of home learning you could complete that today (I've attached it below too). Carefully cut out the animals and then sort them in to those born from an egg and those that are not. What do we call animals that are born live to their mothers (not in an egg)? They usually feed on their mother's milk too. Can you think of any examples?

Enjoy your day and continue being good for Mummy's and Daddy's.

Love Mrs Chapman x 

P.S. Did you guess Miss Richardson's 'What am I?' It was a pig! 

Egg or Not activity

Tuesday 31st March

Good morning! 

The sun is shining! I hope you all had a lovely Monday. Maisie and I were busy with school work and then enjoyed an afternoon planting seeds indoors as it is too cold for some to be planted straight out in to our vegetable plot. We planted tomatoes and we have tried 3 new varieties this year- celery, asparagus and aubergine! We also enjoyed sprucing up Maisie's fairy garden, we gave all the ornaments a good wash after the winter and then planted some small plants and rearranged the fairies and ornaments to create a new look! We hope you like it blush

Did you take on my challenge of being a '2D shape detective'? What shapes did you find? Were there any shapes you found lots of? Were any shapes difficult to find? We found circles easy to spot but triangles were much more tricky! Take a look at the shapes we found below!

I wonder if you could play the 'Guess the shape' game with someone in your family today? Describe a shape, remembering to say how many sides and corners it has and to be specific, e.g. "It has 4 equal sides." See who can guess the most shapes correctly! Remember to use your mathematical vocabulary (sides, corners, equal, curved, straight).

Have a fun filled day and don't forget to email in to Mrs Wrigley what you get up to! I loved seeing one of our Foundation Stage friends having a celebration assembly at home with family and enjoying a 'You tube' bedtime story. 

Love Mrs Chapman x





Morning Foundation Stage, 🌻


How are you all? I have been busy with George, Evie and Mia. We have been doing PE every morning with Jo Wicks, and we have loved Mrs Andrew’s recommendation of Cosmic kids yoga.   Have you seen all the fantastic story times with our teachers on our you tube channel? I am really missing reading you all my favourite stories.... especially the Dinosaur stories. We have been out every day with our dog Dolly (aka Dolly doodles) she has been loving the long walks. We have seen lots of sheep with baby lambs, we even walk past a field that has a pig 🐷 in it.... 


I have another joke for you.....

What does it mean if you find a horse shoe? 


A poor horse has lost its shoe!  


And a what am I..... 

I love mud 

I I like to lay in the sunshine, but have to be careful not to burn.

I make an oink oink oink sound..... 

What am I? 

Have a wonderful week, make sure you are kind to everyone in your family and I look forward to seeing you all soon. 

Lots of love Miss Richardson. 🌻

Monday 30th March 

Good morning all,

Mrs Chapman here. I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed time with your family at home. Maisie and I kept busy baking a marble cake, playing in the garden, playing with toys, board games, our daily exercise with our dog Pippa and watching a film. We sent off Maisie's painting on Friday and they made lots of our family smile when they received them in the post on Saturday morning! We enjoyed facetiming our family as we are missing them but it was great to see their faces and catch up with what they have been doing!

Have you been using any technology over the last week? Have you used the telephone to dial and call family, used the microwave to heat food, called family via facetime or sent an email? Do you have any remote control toys that use technology or an Ipad or computer that you play games on? Remember to record the different uses of technology in your 'Technology Logs'.

We would be exploring 2D shapes this week so perhaps you could be a 'shape detective' and go on a shape hunt. Try to find as many circles, squares, rectangles and triangles that you can in your home and in your garden and either take a photo (another use of technology) or draw a picture or write a list of the items you find. Maisie and I will do the same and post our photos on here tomorrow! 

Have fun and keep safe.

Love Mrs Chapman

P.S. Did you guess Miss Richardson's 'What am I?' Of course it was our lovely Mrs Andrews! blush xx




It's Funky Friday!


Good morning everyone,


I hope you are well, it's Mrs Andrews here.   Today is not quite our normalFunky Friday, but I am sure you can still have lots of fun, whilst learning - make sure you get out into that gorgeous sunshine.  Yesterday Albert and I were watching how the shadows changed - we drew around some of his teddies, on large sheets of paper, at various times of the day and could see how the shadows changed and moved.   Maybe this is something you can try with your mummies and daddies today?


We have been very busy in our house - a typical day has been starting with Joe Wicks' workout (ouch), then completing the home learning tasks set for Albert, and then in the afternoon, Mrs Andrews' favourite - arts and crafts.   Just like Mrs Chapman, we have been making lots of things - we have pressed flowers and then used them to make cards to send to Nanny and Grandma - to let them know we are thinking of them.  And, lots of fun Easter crafts too - like the one below.   Our Easter tree is up - mega early- and we are having lots of time outside.   We go for our daily walk around the field and have seen lots of butterflies - what types can you see around at the moment?  My favourite is the Peacock, wheras Albert's favourite is The Painted Lady. 


Make sure you listen to my campervan story - shall I do another one in there next week?


Take care, be safe and make sure the weekend is a little bit different to the rest of the week - shake it up a little!



Picture 1
Picture 2

Hello, Mrs Chapman here.


Just a quick hello from me and to see if you have looked at Frog Blog- episode 3? Mrs McKenzie has set you a creative challenge too! 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Take care.

Love Mrs Chapman x 


Morning all!

Mrs Richardson here.

Did you guess yesterdays What am I?- it was an elephant! 


So joke for the day is..... 


What is black and white, black and white...... 


A panda rolling down a hill 🐼 


And the riddle for the day is who am I...... 


I love reading stories with funny voices? 

I like to get messy on funky Fridays

My favourite dance is the dinosaurs stomp!


So who am I?


Enjoy your weekend!


Miss Richardson x

Thursday 26th March 

Good morning all,

Another lovely sunny day for us to enjoy! Well done to those of you writing in to Mrs Wrigley, I am enjoying the photos of what all the children at St. James and St. John have been up to, there's a great butterfly life cycle created by one of our Foundation Stage friends! blush

Yesterday Maisie and I painted some pictures for our family and friends that we are missing, and we hope to send them off in the post today to let them know we are thinking of them. Perhaps you could draw or paint a picture for a family member or friend to make them smile. 

Miss Richardson has put a story on our You Tube channel, it was a new one that I hadn't heard before! Make sure you take a look!

Take care and enjoy the sunshine!

Love Mrs Chapman 


Hi Foundation Stage, 


Did you guess George's animal? It was a shark! 


My 3 children are loving finding jokes and riddles for you all.  

From Mia today:


I have a very long nose 

I have big flapping ears 

I am grey all over 

What am I?


Today's joke has come from Evie: What kind of key opens a banana? 


A monkey. laughlaugh


Hope you have a lovely day.

Love Miss Richardson 


Wednesday 25th March 2020

Hi Foundation Stage children and parents,

Maisie and I have been enjoying the sunshine the last two days and have weeded our allotment ready for planting in the coming days and weeks. We have been busy completing school work, reading, baking, painting, PE lessons with Joe Wicks and tried out Yoga yesterday. Did you try out Cosmic Kids Yoga? We did the Frozen themed one and Maisie loved it! We've also enjoyed playing in our garden and taking walks in the village with our dog Pippa. 

Have you checked out our youtube channel yet at St. James and St. John. Mrs McKenzie has added two episodes of 'Frog Blog'?- its fab and links nicely with our topic on life cycles. Below are some craft ideas linked to a life cycle of a frog too which you might like to try at home. I have added a video of me reading 'Monkey Puzzle' by Julia Donaldson, all this new technology I'm learning!

Have fun, keep safe and be good for Mummy and Daddy

 Love Mrs Chapman xx




Hi Foundation Stage 


Today's Joke: What did the cat have for breakfast?


Mice crispies! laughlaugh


Did you guess yesterdays animal? It was a giraffe!yes


Today's clues from helpful George are:


I have sharp teeth

I swim underwater

I eat fish.

What am I?


Find out tomorrow! 


Love Miss Richardson xx





Life Cycle of a Frog Craft ideas

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Hi Foundation Stage children and parents,

I hope you enjoyed the sunshine yesterday. It certainly feels like Spring has arrived! What signs of Spring can you spot? 

Below is a message from Mrs Andrews and a joke and 'Guess the animal' clues from Miss Richardson.

Enjoy your day! 

 Love Mrs Chapman xx


Hi everyone in EYFS,

It's Mrs Andrews here!   I'm hoping you are making the most of your days so far and keeping busy...

Last evening I got Albert and Mr Andrews doing some yoga!   Remember how on a Friday afternoon we have tried some poses and enjoyed our mindfulness sessions?   Well here is a link to a full session, which I just know you will love.  

Remember Miss Richardson and I will still have eyes everywhere to see who is listening really well and holding those poses the longest!

Mummies and Daddies - you will enjoy this too I'm sure.  We did it in front of the TV, via Youtube, just type in 'Cosmic Kids' into the search function.   The website address will lead you to the same: .   There are themed sessions from Camping to Frozen - something for everyone!

Adults, enjoy finding muscles you had forgotten existed and watching in awe as your little ones get their feet up around their ears!!

Bye for now, Mrs Andrews xx. 


Hi Foundation Stage 


I have a joke for you: What do you get if you cross a kangaroo with a sheep? 


A wooly jumper!! laughlaughlaugh


What am I? 

I have long legs,

I have a long neck,

I eat vegetables.


Find out tomorrow! 


Love Miss Richardson xx




Monday 23rd March 2020

Hi Foundation Stage children and parents,

I hope you all enjoyed a special Mother's Day together. I enjoyed spending time with my family at home with a special breakfast, fun in the garden and a family game of scrabble! I have set myself, and my Maisie, the challenge of preparing our allotment for growing our vegetables this year over the coming weeks and will keep you updated! 

Hopefully you have all received your home learning packs with plenty to keep you busy and practicing things that we would usually be doing at school. Try to complete a 'Literacy' and 'Mathematics' activity each day if you can and keep up your reading at home with parents and your brothers and sisters. Use your green 'Speed sounds' book to keep your rapid recall of all the sounds we have learnt. In Mathematics last week we were focusing on words to describe position (e.g. in, on, next to, under, in front) perhaps in the sunshine or in your living room you could prepare an obstacle course together to complete and use the mathematical language we have been learning. 

If you can complete a 'Topic' activity a day perhaps start with one from the animals and babies or life cycles. I will add some great butterfly life cycle craft ideas too so you can get crafting and have fun while learning.

Don't forget some all important breaks to enjoy some 'down time' to play and enjoy the fresh air. Joe Wicks has a PE lesson a day which may be great fun to try out too.

The most important thing is that you are all safe at home with family, happy and having fun!

Mrs Chapman xx

Butterfly Life Cycle craft

The White Rose Maths Team have put together some ideas for mathematics activities you can carry out at home. The three activities initially included are based around the book "We're going on an egg hunt", although they can be carried out without the book. Further activities will be added as they are produced...Have Fun trying some of these out!