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Digital copy of the learning pack sent home

This learning pack contains a digital copy of the questions sent home, with a more or less challenging version of some of the questions if required. It also has a copy of the answers for you to check once you have finished.

Maths Resouces

These Powerpoint Presentations can be used as a daily fluency activity to revisit key mathematical skills.
The White Rose Maths Team have put together a series of five maths lessons, which fit in with the work we would be doing in class. Every lesson comes with a short teaching video and a printable worksheet of activities to complete linking to the lesson. Five more lessons will be added each week (one for each day).

PE Sessions


From Monday 23rd March, Joe Wicks, The Body Coach, will become the nation's PE teacher! The PE sessions begin at 9am on The Body Coach TV - Joe's YouTube channel (see link below).

I hope that you can all have a bit of fun by getting involved!


You've been doing lots of fabulous work so far this year working on your writing skills. We will be continuing to work on our skills even though we won't be all in the classroom.

Here is where you will find English activities I will set you whilst you are "working from home", and you can also find the Year Five writing expectations so that you know which skills to work on.

I've also put in a link to the Countdown letters game we enjoy so much in class so that you can have a go at challenging yourself.


Keep feeding your love for books by reading a wide range of texts. Challenge yourself to read a genre of book that you wouldn't normally choose and compare it to your favourite text type. You might be surprised at what you enjoy reading! We were about to start reading "Street Child" by Berlie Doherty in school, if you can get a copy you may like to read it at home.


Below, you will find a document that sets out the reading expectations for Year Five. You and your parents might find this useful to help you make progress with your reading skills.

Suggested Reading Books