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Friday 3rd April

Friday 3rd April


Were we at school today, we would have been breaking up for the Easter holidays at the end of the day. Under usual circumstances, my boys, Toby and Jasper, would be thrilled school was finishing for the holidays. However, Jasper burst into tears this afternoon because he misses school and all of you so much and I had to admit that I was feeling just as sad. 


If you are feeling sad, don't worry, it's ok and it's normal. Although everything seems topsy turvey at the moment, we will all be together back at school before long. To help, Mrs Andrews has put a Well-Being pack on the SEN page of the website (found under the Our School tab) which has information and ideas on how to make this time apart easier if you're struggling.

Here's something to distract you and get you scratching your heads today - some brain busting Friday maths problems for you to solve!


Mrs Dandy has been putting data handling questions on our page for you to answer this week so see if you can apply what you have been practising on the problems below...


There are three levels for you to try: hard, harder and hardest! Choose whichever level you feel most confident with (or give all three a go!). Watch out though, 'hardest' is REALLY tricky! Remember, read the question carefully to make sure you know what you need to find out and, if you don't find an answer straight away, keep trying


You'll also find links to the solutions - but no sneaky peeking until you've had a good go first! 

In addition, here are links to some Spring themed English and Maths activity booklets - they both have quite a few pages so you won't get them all done today!


Maybe work on them a bit at a time over the Easter holiday if you want to keep your skills sharp. Feel free to pick and choose which activities you do and which order you do them in.

Here's a final research task for you if you want something to keep you busy over Easter. Your next history topic is on the Romans. Why not give yourself a headstart and find out about who the Romans were, where they lived and what life was like in Roman times. 


The BBC website has lots of great video clips and information that might help you! I've added a link below for you.

If you'd like, create a Powerpoint presentation about the Romans - you can choose any aspects of Roman life you'd like. Feel free to add interest to your Powerpoint with fun facts, pictures and even animations - perhaps ask an adult to help you with this if you need to. 


Once you have completed your Powerpoint, email it to the school office for Mrs Dandy and myself to look at, we'd love to see what you have found out! I'm sure you could teach us a thing or two!

There won't be any activites being posted on here over the holiday but keep an eye on the YouTube channel - I'm sure us teachers will still be uploading stories and all sorts now we know how to do it! (Heads up - Frog Blog Episode 4 went on there yesterday evening if you want to see how the tadpoles are getting on!)


It just leaves me to say, have a lovely Easter! It may be a bit different to normal and you may not be going out and about as much BUT I happen to know the Easter bunny is still very good at finding places to hide eggs even when the world is on lockdown! So, Happy Hunting!


Look after yourselves and everyone at home with you. 


Mrs McKenzie xxx