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Friday 3rd April

Friday 3rd April 2020


PE: Start the day by joining Joe Wicks' PE lesson at 9am

Don't worry if you miss the 9am session, it will be saved on the YouTube channel for you to   join in another time.



Complete Week 2 Lesson 5 - Step 10 - on the White Rose Maths home learning page - Equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. The flashback 4 questions are included at the start of each lesson this week.



1. It's 'Free Write Friday'! Head over to the Pobble 365 page and check out the "Mother of Dragons" activities. Read the story starter and continue the story. Make sure you are challenging yourself with your vocabulary choices and use of punctuation. Perhaps you could include a relative clause.

2. If you would like a further challenge, complete some of the other "Mother of Dragons" activities; sentence challenge, sick sentences and question time.

4. Complete one column of 'Practise Your Spellings' sheet.


Other Activities:

1. Art/craft activity linked to the "Mother of Dragons" activity:

Can you draw a dragon’s egg? How big do you think it would be compared to a hen’s egg? What colour (s) would it be? You might like to draw the egg in a nest or with its mother. Let your imagination run wild!

2. Read to a grown up or a sibling - you might choose to call a loved one and share a book with them.

3. TTRockstars 10 games in the garage.

4. Complete your daily diary.