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Monday 30th March

Good Morning Everyone smiley


Did you have a fab weekend?  I hope so!  I'm looking forward to hearing all about it today.


So, the school week ended on Friday with another glorious day.  The sun was shining, the birds were singing but it was definitely starting to feel a little chillier.  How did you find your first week of learning from home?  What did you like about your new routine?  What did you miss?


yes I love having extra time with the boys, Mr Wrigley and Roger

yesI'm enjoying having a little bit of extra time to get some of the jobs around the house done. (I expect lots of people are doing this!)

yesI'm really enjoying life at a slightly slower pace

yesI've caught up with lots of friends and family over text, WhatsApp and Facetime

noI miss seeing you all every day

noI miss all of my friends at work (even though we are chatting quite a lot!)

noI miss my lovely pink office, the bright classrooms and seeing all of your clever work


We started our weekend with a game of bingo!  The PTFA would have been holding their family bingo night on Friday evening so we thought we would still go ahead and play!  We had a great time and all took it in turns to be the bingo caller...we weren't as good as Mrs Kerins!


We've taken part in two online quizzes with our families over the weekend.  There were some really great rounds to play including Harry Potter, 1980s Music, General Knowledge, Science and lots more.  Everyone was very competitive!  I was especially happy to beat my older brother in the music round! wink  Have you played any quizzes or games online with your family and friends, have you spoken to them on Skype or Facetime?  It's an exciting way to keep in touch isn't it?  If you have time, you could write a letter or draw a picture and post it to a family member or friend.  I'm sure it would make their day.


We also got lots of jobs around the house done at the weekend.  Mr Wrigley and I were jet washing the patio for a while but is was so, so chilly!  We didn't get very much done!  We cleaned and tidied the boys' bedrooms - they were not very happy about that!


Oli and I went for a lovely walk along the lane from Akeley to Lillingstone Lovell on Sunday.  It was very peaceful and we didn't see another person the whole time.  We ended the weekend with a tasty roast dinner - delicious!



This week I'm looking forward to seeing the next instalment of Mrs McK's Frog Blog, seeing how Mrs Pedder gets on with her next batch of macarons - the first attempt looked pretty good to me!  I'm also looking forward to seeing the new stories read by the teachers and hearing the next chapter of Charlotte's Web.  By the way, have you seen Bumble Bear watching Joe Wicks on the Year 2 page?  He's very cute!


Have a lovely day, keep safe and keep your emails coming in.


With very best wishes,

Mrs Wrigley heart