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Friday 26th June

Good Morning everyone smiley


I hope you are all well this morning and managed to stay cool yesterday.  Wasn't it HOT, HOT, HOT! blush  I hope you all managed to get in the padding pool, run through the sprinkler or enjoy having a water fight.  Mr Wrigley went to the shop and stocked us up with ice-creams and lollies which was a lovely surprise when I came home from work yesterday.


I'm back at home today and am very grateful - the office at Akeley is like a little sauna and was very, very hot yesterday! 


I received a lovely message from Theo and his Mum who have been busy making this fabulous butterfly feeder.  Theo's Mum has kindly sent me the link so you can follow the instructions and make one too if you like.  Thank you Theo and Theo's Mummy!!  Don't forget to let me know how you all get on with yours - it would be great to hear from you.


So, it looks as though we are in for a change in weather again today and maybe some thunderstorms on the way.  That will be a relief as it may well cool us down a little bit!  If the rain does keep you indoors, how about trying these simple weather experiments.  Don't forget to let me know how you get on and send in some pictures.


I hope you all have a really lovely weekend.  Stay safe and don't forget to keep in touch.  We are still missing you all!

With very best wishes,

Mrs Wrigley heart




1) Make it rain!

What you need: Clear plastic cup or glass jar, shaving cream, food colouring.

What to do: Fill the cup with water. Squirt shaving cream on top for the clouds. Then put blue food colouring on top of the cloud, and watch it “rain”.

2) Watch the fog roll in!

What you need: Glass jar, small strainer, water, ice cubes.

What to do: Fill the jar completely with hot water for about a minute. Pour out almost all the water, leaving about 1 inch in the jar. Place the strainer over the top of the jar. Place 3-4 ice cubes in the strainer. As the cold air from the ice cubes collides with the warm, moist air in the bottle, the water will condense and fog will form.


3) Reflect a rainbow!

What you need: Glass of water, sheet of white paper, sunlight.

What to do: Fill the glass all the way to the top with water. Put the glass of water on a table so that it is half on the table and half off the table (make sure that the glass doesn’t fall!) Then, make sure that the sun can shine through the glass of water. Next, place the white sheet of paper on the floor. Adjust the piece of paper and the glass of water until a rainbow forms on the paper.


4) Make a tornado!

What you need: Two 2-liter clear plastic bottles (empty and clean), water, food colouring, glitter, duct tape.

What you do: Fill one of the bottles two-thirds full of water. Add food colouring and a dash of glitter. Use duct tape to fasten the two containers together. Make sure to tape tightly so that no water leaks out when you turn the bottles over. Flip the bottles so that the bottle with the water is on top. Swirl the bottle in a circular motion. This will create a vortex and a tornado will form in the top bottle as the water rushes into the bottom bottle.

5) Make magic snowballs!

What you need: Frozen baking soda, cold water, vinegar, squirt bottles.

What to do: Start by mixing two parts baking soda with one part water to make fluffy, mouldable snowballs. Then, pour vinegar into squirt bottles and let children squirt their snowballs. The reaction between the baking soda and vinegar will cause the snowballs to fizz and bubble. For a snow avalanche, pour vinegar into a tub, then drop a snowball in!


6) Make a rain gauge!

What you need: One 2-liter bottle, Sharpie, stones, water, scissors, ruler, tape.

What to do: Create a rain gauge! Start by cutting away the top third of the 2-liter plastic bottle and put it to the side. Pack a few stones at the bottom of the bottle. Pour water in until just above the stone level. Draw a scale on a piece of masking tape with the help of the ruler and paste it on the side of the bottle so you can start counting just above the current water line. Invert the top of the bottle and place it into the bottom half to act as a funnel. Leave bottle outside to capture rain.

7) Make a weather vane!

What you need: Paper cup, pencil, straw, pin, paper plate, construction paper scraps.

What to do: You’ll be creating a weather vane to detect the direction of the wind! Poke a sharpened pencil through the bottom of a paper cup. Insert a pin through the middle of a drinking straw and into the eraser of the pencil. Make a cut approximately 1 inch deep on each end of the straw, making sure to go through both sides of the straw. Cut small squares or triangles of construction paper and slip one into each end of the straw. Place your wind vane onto a paper plate or piece of paper with the directions marked.


8) Make a water cycle!

What you need:  Ziploc bag, water, blue food colouring, Sharpie pen, tape.

What to do: Pour 1/4 cup of water and a few drops of blue food colouring into bag. Seal tightly and tape the bag to a (preferably south-facing) wall. As the water warms in the sunlight the water will evaporate into vapor. As the vapor cools, it will begin changing into liquid (condensation) just like a cloud. When the water condenses enough, the air will not be able to hold it and the water will fall down in the form of precipitation.