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Friday 24th April

PE: Start the day by joining Joe Wicks' PE lesson at 9am

This session will be saved on the YouTube channel for you to join in another time, if 9am is not convenient. Or if you fancy a change why not try out your dance skills with Oti Mabuse, link can be found under the PE tab on the previous page.



1. Complete lesson 5 of week 3 under the White Rose tab.

2. TT Rockstars studio and garage sessions or Maths Factor times tables.



1. Complete day 5 the noun phrase activity All Creatures. Full details under English digital resources tab. All the files required are attached. 

2. Complete Day 5 of your chosen Summer term writing project. Today, it’s time to edit and improve your writing, this is your opportunity to check spellings, think about the non-negotiables, and really think about your vocabulary choices. Remember, if you would like me to give feedback on your writing project email your work to me today, and I will get back to you by Wednesday next week with your feedback. You will find full details under the English digital resources tab.

3. Today, it's time to see whether you can remember all your spellings, ask an adult or a sibling to test you and let me know how you get on.  



Other Activities: 

1. Research and perform a knighting ceremony for a member of your household, to commemorate Sir Winston Churchill being knighted on this day in history.

2. Choose one of the investigation activities from weekly challenges to complete.

3. Read to a grown up or a sibling - you might choose to call or FaceTime a loved one and share a book with them.

5. Complete your daily diary.