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Friday 17th April

Good Morning Everyone smiley


How are you all today?  I hope you are well and are still enjoying your Easter holidays.  Have you finished eating your chocolate eggs yet?  We still have quite a lot to work our way through here - which is rather surprising to be honest!


It's quite early on Friday morning and Finn and I are both downstairs with the door open listening to the birds sing.  Roger is dashing around as usual!  We gave him a 'hair cut' yesterday!  I don't think he is very impressed with how he looks.  I imagine there are lots of dogs with very peculiar styles at the moment.  They'll all be glad to get back to their dog groomers to be smartened up. 


We spent lots of time in the garden again yesterday - it was lovely and warm wasn't it.  There was yet more jet washing to be done, and Mr Wrigley even produced a garden hoover from the shed...I'm not quite sure where that came from.  Needless to say, the garden is now shining like a new pin.  The garden walls even saw their first lick of paint last!!!


We played lots of table tennis and chatted to our friends and family on our phones while we sat in the sunshine. We also spent some time making rainbows as promised.  Have you seen the pictures of them?  Mrs Kerins made an amazing rainbow display for her window at home and Mrs James made a wonderful banner too.  Mrs Andrews has made a beautiful rainbow heart from twigs, (I thought they were twiglets at first!), and Harrison and Olivia have made the most wonderful rainbow cake! 


Have you had a look through the class pages to see what the teachers have been up to? Mr Davidson has been busy tidying up at home and has discovered that his collection of football shirts was a little bit larger than he thought it was!  He's even set a competition for Year 6 on their class page to guess how many shirts there are!  Mrs Harper has been enjoying spending time in her garden and has been doing lots of spring cleaning.   She's also been noticing the birds singing and all the lovely signs of Spring. 


Mrs Smith has been enjoying the beautiful sunshine while she grows her flowers and herbs and has set a water cycle experiment for Year 4.  I wonder if any of you have tried it yet?  Mrs Dandy has been enjoy reading and keeping in touch with her friends on their WhatsApp group.  Have you read any good books while you've been at home?  I've been cheating a little bit and have been listening to story books while I take Roger for a walk, (or jet washing!!).  Mrs McKenzie has also been out walking her dog, Myrtle, in the woods and has discovered a new friend - Barney the Barn Owl! 


Mrs Sheldon has been enjoying (!) her running and has taken part in a virtual quiz too.  Have you joined in with any quizzes with your family and friends?  I know that Mrs Kerins and Mrs Pedder both have, and my brother and I were teasing each other on our WhatsApp group last night about who was going to win our weekly quiz on Saturday! Mrs Clarke has been spring cleaning too, (there seems to be a theme with all the school grown ups!), and has been spending time in her garden.  She enjoyed seeing pictures of Elizabeth's science detective work too. Mrs Kerins has been making a beautiful rainbow display for her window at home to show their thanks for all the wonderful NHS workers and carers who are doing a great job of keeping us all safe and well.  She's also been enjoying a game of frisbee with Mr Kerins and her boys.


Mrs Chapman has been busy in her garden, growing seeds and sunflowers with Maisie.  She's also baked a delicious cherry loaf cake and, most excitingly, has been busy making preparations for her new baby arriving.  We are all very excited!  Mrs Andrews  has been having fun at home with Albert making rainbows, Elmer sculptures and writing daily diaries which they send of a photo of to Albert's grandparents - thats a great idea. 


So, everyone is very busy.  Lots of cleaning!  Lots of gardening! Lots of having fun with our children!  Lots of enjoying the sunshine!  Lots of online chatting to our friends and family!  Lots of enjoying the signs of Spring!


Over to you...what have you been up to?!


Take care everyone 


With very best wishes,

Mrs Wrigley heart