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Friday 17th April

Friday 17th April


Morning all! It's Friday again. Sneaking on to the computer to message you while my boys are doing Joe Wicks' workout today - it's Fancy Dress Friday so at the moment there is a Roman and Ron Weasley doing star jumps in my lounge!  Are any of you doing online workouts to get you going in the morning? 


We stood at our front door and clapped for the amazing NHS staff at 8pm last night. They are doing such a difficult but wonderful job and we should be so proud of them. Are you doing the same? Toby and Jasper had saucepans to hit but Toby hit his so hard he snapped my wooden spoon - it was my best one too! laugh 


We'd better make the most of the sunshine this morning as I've just looked at the weather forecast for tomorrow and it's looking rather rainy!!! Still, our seedlings will be pleased to have a good water. 


Seeing Toby dressed as a Roman makes me think of our Romans topic. I wonder if any of you have managed to find out any information about the Romans or watched the BBC clips I put a link to? The one about toilets in Roman times was funny - very different to the bathrooms in our homes nowadays! Try watching some of them if you haven't already.


I hope you are all staying well and are managing to make your Easter eggs last! Our stash is going down very quickly!


Enjoy your weekends. Love Mrs McK xxx